Youtube ted talk online dating

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Youtube ted talk online dating

But when Webb began the journey, she found it much more fraught than she’d anticipated.

She made a list of 72 items that she was looking for in a man, then ranked them by priority. All this said, not everyone is thrilled with the sweet nerds they meet online.

In that case, you might include information about the speaker, if necessary, in the context of your paper.

Given all the interest in my 2008 TED Talk, I have recorded the true story of my experience for your edification.

There is absolutely no charge to watch; however, if you find yourself overwhelmed with the urge to make a modest donation to the mikerowe WORKS Scholarship Fund, that would be OK with me.

When yet another romantic relationship came “burning down in a spectacular fashion,” Amy Webb sought the advice of her friends and family, including her grandmother. True love will find you when you least expect it,’” Webb recalls in her TED Talk.

This advice struck Webb, who works with data for a living, as preposterous.

She had calculated that, in the entire city of Philadelphia, only 35 men had all the qualities she was look for and was still single.

“I can take my grandmother’s advice and sort of ‘least expect’ my way into maybe bumping into the one [of them] — or I can try online dating,” she says.

Online dating is, in fact, the second most popular way couples meet in today’s technologically-mediated world.

References include the who-when-what-where information that, ideally, allows your reader to find not just the source material but the source exactly where you found it.

For online sources this is particularly important because the presentation and sometimes even the information provided can vary from one online location to the next.

Take, for example, this TED Talk by Amanda Palmer: Note that the TED page and the video itself give only "February" as the date, so that's what you can include in the reference.

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