Wilderness camps for adults

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We invite you to explore the information we’ve provided to offer you a perspective on the Second Nature experience.If you have any questions, please contact one of our admissions counselors who will be happy to speak with you.

Second Nature for Adults is a proven treatment model that provides significant positive results in helping young adults achieve healthier, happier lives with greater life effectiveness and motivation.Second Nature for Adults is a therapeutic wilderness program with individual treatment plans focusing on the health of the whole person.Everything you experience has personal purpose and intention giving you the ability to maintain a happy healthy life. More than a survival school, our Adult Courses provide hands-on training in our core curriculum areas.We offer Wilderness Survival courses, Wild Edible Plants courses, Wildlife Tracking courses, Bird Language courses, Nature Education Mentoring courses and more.Wilderness Therapy provides a variety of things to help you accomplish…

Evoke Wilderness Therapy Programs take place at two locations, Cascades and Entrada.

Your experience at either location will be guided by your personalized treatment plan.

Your treatment plan will included the following: Evoke’s wilderness therapy programs for young adults provides high school credit, when necessary, through our unique customized and accredited curriculum through Advance Ed.

We've designed classes for all levels of interest from daylong to yearlong programs.

Evoke’s wilderness therapy programs for Young Adults takes our proven treatment model of whole-health and applies it to primitive living in the wilderness, free of distractions, and rich with metaphor.

This empowering experience provides the young adult client with an intervention, assessment and stability necessary to achieve and maintain a happier, healthier life.

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