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There are lots of good people in British boxing, I promise you, although at the moment it might not seem that way.So people will ask me, having seen two British boxers brawling at a post-fight press conference in Munich, "what do you see in that sport? If our German hosts thought us Brits lacked class before the fight itself - Vitali Klitschko beat Dereck Chisora on points, by the way - then by the time they left the Olympiahalle they must have thought good old Blighty had embarked on some grand experiment in Darwinism in reverse. This is a criminal case." I regret to report that Wladimir's ears had not deceived him and that dear old Dereck - quirky old 'Del Boy', with his penchant for antique phone boxes and parking meters - had indeed threatened to shoot David Haye.

Throw in both trainers, two very large Ukrainian world champions lurking in the wings, unwitting journalists - some of them women - heavy television equipment, all in a fairly small room, and you can imagine the chaos.Chisora's weigh-in slap of Vitali suddenly seemed playful in comparison. Certainly Haye's hackles were raised when the Klitschkos' manager, Bernd Boente, informed him - with some relish, I should say - that any hopes he had of fighting either Klitschko were doomed.But it was when Chisora joined in the Haye-baiting that it all went off.Before the fight - by which I mean the actual one, Vitali v Chisora - rumours abounded that Klitschko's promoters were unhappy with Haye's presence in Munich, the former heavyweight world champion having been invited as a summariser by Frank Warren's fledgling television arm Box Nation.In addition, Don Charles, Chisora's trainer, was angered by comments made by Haye's trainer Adam Booth, who told BBC Sport on Friday that he did not expect Charles' man to last into the middle rounds.Throw in the madness of Chisora, which seemingly knows no bounds - he had publicly threatened to "slap" Haye on numerous previous occasions - and it was a case of tick-tock, tick-tock, take cover, bombs away.

As for Chisora's repeated accusation that Haye deliberately struck him with a bottle or a glass, that is one detail that may be impossible to verify.

Unfortunately for Chisora, his shooting threat was seen and heard by hundreds. And that means hundreds will translate to millions.

The real disappointment of this rather tawdry tale is that Chisora had gone a long way towards redeeming himself in the fight we had come to see.

In fact, my headline was written: "Chisora all heart after all".

Chisora, with only 17 fights behind him, demonstrated tremendous bravery over 12 rounds against the vastly more experienced champion, although the judges were right to award the fight to 45-fight veteran Vitali by wide margins.

Indeed, you could say the 28-year-old Chisora had already won a personal battle of sorts with Haye, having given a better account of himself against Vitali than his rival did against Wladimir in Hamburg last July.