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Joyce returns to Trieste and tries to push Nora into an affair with local newspaper editor Roberto Prezioso. Joyce follows her and, after following his repeated failure to publish Dubliners, announces he will never return to Ireland again. The film ends in 1914 as Ulysses, the landmark modernist novel that is set on the day in 1904 when he first 'walked out' with Nora, is begun.

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IT, 7/4/1999: 13, 'Reel News', short item on Ewan Mc Gregor who is to play James Joyce in Nora directed by Pat Murphy. ST (Review), 16/4/1999: 6, 'Celtic Cannes', brief mention of Ewan Mc Gregor playing James Joyce in Nora directed by Pat Murphy (Ciaran Carty).A documentary about Ireland which shows the towns and ges, religious shrines and festivals, social and sporting events, and typical scenes which reflect the occupations and recreations of the people. adv: J Fitzpatrick, Pat D'Arcy, ed: Dugan, Beatrice Conetta, songs by John Feeney, crossroads dancing by the Comerford Troop, narr: Jack Mc Carthy, Helena Carroll.It includes a recording of remarks made Taoiseach Eamon de Valera recorded at Leinster House, Dublin.p.c: Celtic Films Inc, New York, d/sc/c: Harry Dugan, prod. 16mm, col, Ansco color, 75 mins.'She Is Far from the Land' vocals: Ewan Mc Gregor, piano: Brian Gascoigne; 'The Lass of Aughrim' vocals: Susan Lynch, Ewan Mc Gregor, guitar: Ewan Mc Gregor; 'Green Isle of Erin' vocals: Ewan Mc Gregor, piano: Brian Gascoigne; 'The Star of the County Down' vocals: Karl Scully, piano: Brian Gascoigne; 'The Man Who Broke the Bank at Monte Carlo' vocals: Ewan Mc Gregor, Ignazio Oliva, piano: Brian Gascoigne; 'The Lass of Aughrim' vocals: Susan Lynch, Ewan Mc Gregor, guitar: Gerry Grennell Ewan Mc Gregor (James Joyce), Susan Lynch (Nora Barnacle), Peter Mc Donald (Stanislas Joyce), Roberto Citrin (Roberto Prezioso), Andrew Scott (Michael Bodkin), Vincent Mc Cabe (Uncle Tommy), Veronica Duffy (Annie Barnacle), Aedin Moloney (Eva Joyce), Pauline Mc Lynn (Miss Kennedy), Neili Conroy (maid), Darragh Kelly (Cosgrave), Alan Devine (Gogarty), Paul Hickey (Curran), Kate O'Toole (Miss Delahunty), Martin Murphy (George Russell), Karl Scully (John Mc Cormack), Frances Burke (old woman), Monica Scattini (Amalia Globocnik), Adrian Mc Court (Ayers), Ignazio Oliva (Alessandro Francini Bruni), Stafania Montorsi (Cloyhilde Francini Bruni), Sle Nugent (maid 2), Franco Trevisi (Tullio Sylvestri), Eamonn Hunt (George Roberts), Manuel Bragato (baby Georgio), Liam Mc Court, Odin O'Sullivan (Georgio, age 2), Dylan Mooney (Georgio, age 4), Ben Harding (Georgio, age 6), Robin Mooney (Lucia, age 2), Lauren Mulhall (Lucia, age 4).In June 1904 James Joyce meets Galwegian Nora Barnacle on a Dublin street. Nora, a hotel maid, is sexually confident and Joyce fears she has been with other men, including his rival Cosgrave. He is a writer still struggling to get his first book published, and when he explains how he finds Ireland stifling, he asks her to accompany him to Trieste, where Joyce teaches English and writes.Their relationship is stormy, with Nora, pregnant and homesick, disapproving of Joyce's heavy drinking.They have a boy, Giorgio, and Joyce's younger brother, the supportive Stanislas, comes to stay.

Joyce returns to Dublin, including when in 1909 he establishes Ireland's first full-time cinema, and continues to seek a publisher for his short-story collection Dubliners.

Joyce's jealousy at Nora's possible sexual encounter with Cosgrave resurfaces, but Oliver St John Gogarty reassures him that the rumour is not true.

Joyce and Nora have a second child, Lucia, and they write sexually explicit letters to each other.

Promotional film for the Irish Sweepstakes disguised as a travelogue because regulations prevented film advertising of the lottery at that time.

Footage of the Sweepstake parade is integrated with various other vistas of Ireland, especially events sponsored by the Sweep and with advertising hoardings visible in the background.

Documentary tracing the journey of a young Irish fisherman from Ardwest-Cama in Connemara, as he travels to London to work on the Victoria Line Underground excavation.

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