Updating websites ftp

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Updating websites ftp - online test free sexual

It is the method used to transfer a file, or set of files, from one computer to another.

Please note: Your FTP server name, username and password are listed in the mail sent to you confirming your hosting package.

If you have misplaced this, this article will show you where you can find your FTP details.

Firstly, install the File Zilla FTP client software.

You will now need to configure it to connect to your 123-reg web space.

I've done some editing offline and have uploaded the changes through FTP to my website.

Some changes are shown but not on the navigation, logo, and header background (an image). Edit: The logo is supposed to show the logo of the company, not the "Inspiration" logo.

I've copied every file exactly as it should go yet it doesn't reflect on the website. In your browser hold down your SHIFT button and then with your mouse click REFRESH button near the url.I suspect you are viewing the cached copy of old images and just need to clear your cache.The other way is Tools - This is the logo URL I see: thing you can do if caching bad, is change the name of the logo file and in your code to logo2but clearing your cache should work.Microsoft Visual Studio lets you read from and write to a remote server by using the File Transfer Protocol (FTP).The most common use for FTP Web sites is to update Web pages on a hosting site, which is faster than updating files that use an HTTP connection.After you connect to the FTP site in Visual Studio, you can create and edit files in those sites.

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