Underage sex websites

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Underage sex websites

Sex trafficking is a $99 billion industry, the second-largest criminal enterprise behind drugs.And California is one of the top destination states for trafficking victims, with Los Angeles a central hub.

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Underage, vulnerable girls are recruited in their neighborhoods or schools, sometimes even on the Blue Line as it passes through low-income communities.

A number of factors have contributed to the rise of sex trafficking. Those who buy these girls for sex are rarely prosecuted, even though many know the girls are underage and being held against their will.

It should shock the conscience that an individual who buys a girl of middle-school age for sex is only given a misdemeanor citation under disorderly conduct charges.

The University of San Diego recently completed a three-year study of human trafficking, one of the most comprehensive analyses of the issue to date.

In interviews with 702 first-time offenders and 189 victims, researchers found that “perceived impunity” from law enforcement is a key driver of demand. Buyers are connected to underage girls in seconds, through websites like

In this April 2014 file photo, California Attorney General Kamala Harris, who as a prosecutor once specialized in child sexual assault cases, addresses the Domestic Human Trafficking Symposium in Los Angeles.

(AP Photo/Damian Dovarganes, File) Sex trafficking of underage girls — often as young as 12 — is one of the most repulsive crimes imaginable, but it’s part of a multibillion-dollar underground industry in our state.To combat this repugnant crime, we need to take tangible action on the local, state and federal level to punish traffickers and buyers and help the victims.Carrie, a 21-year-old Los Angeles native, tells us about the type of criminals we’re dealing with.When Carrie was 14, she ran away from home to escape an abusive stepfather.Carrie soon met a trafficker who held her captive for seven years, selling her for sex, beating and torturing her. At one point, Carrie’s trafficker held a gun to her head; she jumped from a moving car to escape death.Carrie has been arrested on prostitution charges in Los Angeles, Sacramento and Orange Counties, and is covered in tattoos meant to show she is someone’s property.