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Here’s the list of all my boxed Super Famicom games.

When humanity fled the planet to regroup on Mars, only a handful of warriors were left behind.

Now, Sandy Newman and her comrades fight for their lives every day.

If they could only reach one of the unlaunched nuclear missiles, the MME citadel - the main stronghold of the cyberoid war machines could be destroyed.

Searching for the missiles, Sandy's team discovers a secret underground retreat where the Geo Chris religious sect has been quietly worshipping their "Tree of Revival" - rumored to have the power to restore life to he shattered planet.

As the opposing forces come together in a devastating showdown, Sandy is driven to the breaking point.

But on Mars, General Mc Kenzie is planning a massive return to Earth. One lucky grand-prize winner will get their choice: A role in Ranma 1/2, or an entire year of free Viz Videos!

The invasion will use every technique at their disposal: massive space fleets, asteroid bombardment, orbital troop carriers, and high-speed re-entry vehicles. Fought across two planets, from orbit to ground, and across the devastated landscape of Earth, it's a battle of utter annihilation. 9 MANGA FEATURES A Match Made in Heaven ONE-POUND GOSPEL As turn * Urusei Yatsura moves to its own monthly title, ANIMERICA brings you Round One in a new Takahashi series published in English for the first time ever!

But the crucial contest may come deep inside the haif- miie tall MME citadel as Sandy Newman comes face-to-face with the computer leader GORN. Meet Kosaku, the featherweight boxer whose insatiable desire for junk food is jeopardizing his career— not to 3 mention his waistline!

As always, GORN is one step ahead of its human opponents, and unless Sandy can accomplish a miracle, humanity is doomed! And don't forget beauti- ful young Sister Angela, a novice nun who offers him hope and salvation!

This may be humanity's last chance as CORN plans to annihilate the human race!

TWft Gall Force: Earth Chapter 2 Mankind, banished to Mars, races desperately against time to buiid 1 ™ ^0 a super-weapon - an immense, plasma cannon • which could operate from deep space and destroy an entire continent with a single blast.

And the MME citadel, located right in the middle of Australia, would be the perfect target....

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