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Denny also writes articles in the IN PORT newspaper, which is also now on-line: this time, I BELIEVE you still have to subscribe to the on-line version of In Port to read it. In due time, a field was laid out at the Northwest corner of the athletic field at the high school.However, if you choose to do that you will be able to receive the news faster, photos will be clearer (generally in color) and you will also be able to print other articles. The site was never satisfactory for many reasons, including the fact that lying as it was along the toe of the slope of the hill it was soggy much of the time from run-off coming off the hill.

Weedsport football was in a state of flux for several years. building was continued to be used for practice and games, which continued to be played on Friday nights under the lights.Another issue was that the portable lights had to be left behind since there was no way to power them at the new field and thus the team was relegated to playing Saturday afternoons and attendance dropped precipitously.The old Cayuga County League had by then disbanded and we were playing in the much larger Onondaga county League with 11 man teams.In 1972 a committee was formed of community minded individuals and groups to form a plan for a new football field. The land in question ran down a steep slope to Putnam Brook and would require untold amounts of fill, which the school system simply could not afford. owned a largely abandoned gravel pit on his land and he agreed to furnish whatever fill was required at no cost.After many fits and starts, the site selected was an area directly east of the high school building. The Village of Weedsport and the Town of Brutus and several individual contractors agreed to the use of their equipment if operators could be located.Just about every type of fundraiser you can imagine was used to generate funds.

On April 1, 1973 a pancake breakfast was held at the Grange Hall which netted 0.00, a snowmobile raffle was held which earned 0.00.The fire department donated 0.00 and sponsored a spaghetti dinner for 0.00 more.Nearly every church group and organization in the village got involved and it wasn't long before the lights were on order.That was how a number of us spent that entire summer evenings and weekends, hauling hundreds if not thousands of truckloads of gravel.As kind of a note aside, at the time the village had acquired a deuce and a half army truck as war surplus.Clever Weedsport DPW Superintendent Ralph Black had mounted a huge 20 cubic yard box on it for the purpose of hauling snow away from the streets in the winter.

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    She was a state champion in the 50-meter freestyle, and she uses her speed to disrupt offenses.“Most one-on-none breaks against her end with Ashleigh stealing the ball instead of blocking it,” Lefebvre says.

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