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Esei ini membincangkan bagaimana Kajian Asia Tenggara, sebagai satu bentuk ilmu pengetahuan, masih dikongkong oleh ruang negara-bangsa dalam rantau berkenaan.

We wish to present the case of `Southeast Asian Studies', as a form of knowledge, and examine briefly how it has been produced and reproduced, methodologically, as well as consumed in contemporary globalized context, hoping to capture some of the contradictions and challenges that it has to cope with and overcome, especially, in the context of ICTbased technologies of globalization. It has implications, too, in the area of resource accumulation and maintenance, especially, in the organizational sphere, and a Malaysian experience shall be presented to provide a brief empirical elaboration.*Shamsul A. B., BA, MA (Malaya), Ph D (Monash, Australia), is Professor of Social Anthropology and currently Director of both The Institute of the Malay World & Civilization (ATMA) and the newly established Institute of Occidental Studies (IKON), The National University of Malaysia (UKM). He researches, writes and lectures, for the last 25 years on the theme "politics, culture and economic development", with an empirical focus on Southeast Asia. He is also a frequent social commentator on Malaysian current affairs for the BBC, ABC, CBNC, Radio Singapore International and Malaysian TV3, RTM1 and NTV7. He also writes for Far Eastern Economic Review (Hong Kong), Economic & Political Weekly (India), Asian Wall Street Journal and a number of Malaysian dailies and weeklies.1 Analyzing Southeast Asia as a Form of Knowledge Society is both real and imagined. It is real through face-to-face contact and imagined when the idea of its existence is mediated through mediums such as printed materials and electronic images, and, in particular, ICT.

Therefore, the term society refers simultaneously to a micro unit that we can observe and to a macro one that we can only partially engaged with.

We therefore have observable `societies' within a macro imagined `society'.

Southeast Asia, like other regions in the world, has both (Reid 1993, Tarling 1992). Sintering additives (Tin (IV) oxide) for the processing of Mg Cu Zn ferrites. Ultrasonic range meter (PIC and seven segment display). Eye detection using template matching in frontal images with uniform background.

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To be included in the mailing list, please send name of organization and address to [email protected] with the word subscribe in the subject line. B.* Director of Institute of the Malay World & Civilization (ATMA) Director of Institute of Occidental Studies (IKON)Abstract The general argument advanced since the advent of ICT globally is that it has made knowledge more accessible to a wider public in super quick time.