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Somehow both the straight and gays always survived in one way or another.

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All I thought I could offer to the gays was friendship and love, as I knew I can’t change some things, I accepted my situation and made peace with my soul that I can’t change some things but giving them love, respect and a helping where I can was equally comforting.I was born on the 4th July 1971 to xxxxx and xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx, I come from a polygamous, my father xxxxx had 5 wives and countless mistresses.He father 18 children (at least those are the ones know to us) I attended zzzzzz boys Primary school before going to St.Charles Lwanga Kasasa for both my O and A Level education.My growing up was full of challenges, domestic violence was the order of the day and sometimes I stayed out of school because of lack of school fees.My mother an illiterate pushed so that such that I can have some good education, she always admired those who spoke and wrote English.

My family comes from Nakabogo Village in the 1950s my grandfather moved from Luuka to xxxxx where he re-married and gave birth to my father.

In 1990 I joined Makerere University Kampala, where I was granted a government scholarship to a bachelors in xxxxx Management and later majored in xxxxx Management.

I met [wife’s name], who has been my best from for the last 22 years in 1992 at the University.

My love and passion for issues of human rights, started in my earlier days seeing my father battling and abusing my mother and the step mothers, his way of thinking was different, he thought women were not human enough, he denied all my sisters and sisters any chance to get any sort of education.

He forced them into marriage as soon as they reached age of 14 and he always demanded a big bribe price. First experiences with gay youths This is where I came to meet big boys who used to practice homosexuality (kasabuni like we used to call it at high school — Kasabuni means a piece of Soap and the boys used to soap as a lubricant) — having anal sex with fellow boys.

This shaped my thinking that when I grow up, I want to make some changes, little did I know that it wasn’t going to be easy like I thought. I became a close friend of one such boys xxxxxxx) though he was practicing kasabuni he never at any one time tried to ask me into joining, this way he won my respect.