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Ten plays by euripides online dating - ziarul de floresti online dating

EPIC FAIL Comedy By Bradley Hayward Entirely gender flexible cast of 5-30+ Script: 25 pages. In a series of hilarious vignettes, students take on a multitude of challenges, each from a more...

This imaginative one-act comedy takes place during the waiting period before a movie begins, offering a rare look at the personalities and idiosyncrasies of typical teen audience members. TEN ACTORS IN SEARCH OF A CELL Comedy By James Rayfield 4 m, 6 w Script: 24 pages Just as the stage manager is getting ready to call "Places" for the start of the school's play, everything comes to a screeching halt.

Speed Freak thinks he can run at incredible speeds, while enthusiastic more... Ball 2 m, 2 w, 5 flexible Script: 31 pages Leaping llamas! Comedy By Bobby Keniston Cast 5M, 5W, some doubling possible. Welcome to "Avoiding the Pitfalls of High School Dating," a seminar for high school students who have trouble going on dates. In fact, nobody even brought a copy of the book along. ATTACK OF THE POM-POM ZOMBIES Comedy By Stephen Murray 7 m, 16 w, 5 flexible, extras Script: 40 pages It's the 1960s, a big nuclear blast to the past!

ATTENTION DETENTION Comedy By Bradley Hayward Entirely gender flexible cast of 6 to 21 Script: 36 pages. Four honor roll students have been summoned to detention. Comedy By Jane and Jim Jeffries Cast: 2-3m, 6w Script: 32 pages Okay, these housewives may not be real, but they are desperate. "The Fourth Wall," a play within a play, begins as a murder mystery, but the murder victim won't keel over. Your hosts for the evening are Lucky Daye and Starry Knight, two people who have invested their entire life savings into creating this simple system more... compete for the title of Americas Next Top Model Student in the latest TV reality show. School's out for the summer, and the teenagers of Ocean View High are ready to surf, sun and have some fun.

To avoid punishment, they each come up with a preposterous excuse for their tardiness, and their wacky tales are acted out by an ensemble of performers. Shakespeare has been manipulating and twisting their lives for six plays now, and they desperately want to escape his evil machinations. The playwright forgot to give the characters names, and a rude audience member keeps interrupting the show. FRUMPLED FAIRY TALES Comedy By Bill Springer Flexible cast 5 - 18 Script: 26 pages Puns and pratfalls abound in this fun, frumpled 35-minute version of three Grimm fairy tales. Host Myra Thanks and the shows judges, MLady Andrews, Judge Julie, and Mr. Their favorite hangout is Barnacle Betty's Surf Club, which happens to be right next door to the evil Ivana Rat more...

And with the help of a narrator, the audience can cheer the heroes and boo the villains. Blaine Rose, put each student to the test in a series of bizarre and h more... POE-DUNKED Comedy By Burton Bumgarner 6 or more flexible characters Script: 43 pages Twelve short scenes depict events in the life of Edgar Allan Poe -- or how his life might have been in today's world!

In "Rumpelstiltskin," a greedy king, a miller's daughter and a comical chap named Rumpelstiltskin all more... STUDENT Comedy By Alan Heckner 5 m, 9 w, 1 flexible Script: 40 pages. Some of the more popular tales are represented: "The Tell-Tale Heart" is a police investigation; "The Cask of Amontillado" is a Jerry Springer-type TV show; more...

HELP WANTED Comedy By James Rayfield Widely flexible cast of 10 or more Script: 23 pages OK, teens, listen up.If you want to drive a car, go to college/grad night/prom, get a class ring or new clothes, you're going to have to - find a JOB!All the fun, frustrations and foibles of part-time jobs are explored in these scenes and monologues, from making a hamb more... Some mornings it feels like they have the letter F stamped on their foreheads in bright red ink.If you are sure that none of the above applies to you, and wish us to investigate the problem, we need to know your IP address.Go to this site, don't sign up, just copy the IP address (it looks like: .78 but your numbers will be different) and mail it to us.If that page also shows a proxy address, we need that one too.

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    Synopsis: William Wallace is a Scottish rebel who leads an uprising against the cruel English ruler Edward the Longshanks, who wishes to inherit the crown of Scotland for himself.

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