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A housewife hides her boy toy under her husband's nose but his discovery brings death. but dealing with his second wife, her hostile brother, jealous ex-husband, and deranged stalker proves far more dangerous – and deadly. She feels she's finally found the right balance when her life is cut short by someone close.Then, a threesome delivers a husband his fantasy until jealousy starts a bloody showdown. When 18-year-old freshman Katherine Foster goes missing, terror strikes the heart of the University of South Alabama. As the Boulder Police zero in on accusing the Ramsey family of Jon Benét’s murder, the case is turned on its head when veteran homicide detective, Lou Smit, makes a shocking discovery.

When 18-year-old freshman Katherine Foster goes missing, terror strikes the heart of the University of South Alabama. Revisit the homicide that gripped the nation, with exclusive interviews and additional, never-before-seen footage from the crime scene.

Ray Kotomski, a retired corrections officer, thinks he’s survived the most risky years of his life… Was his murder just a robbery gone bad, or something more sinister? Pretty, vivacious Dana Laskowski is busy juggling a boyfriend, a jealous ex-husband, a secret lover, and, most importantly, single mom responsibilities.

After the sensational national headlines faded, Philip was brutally shot to death.

Philip Panzica had sex on a ferris wheel on his wedding day--with a woman who wasn’t his fiancée.

Authorities examine writing samples that John and Patsy Ramsey submitted at the beginning of the Jon Benét investigation.

Expert Cina Wong ruled out John as the ransom note writer, but found striking similarities between Patsy's writing and the infamous ransom note.

Police question the Ramseys' inner circle and learn that bed-wetting was an issue for Jon Benét.

They then envision an alleged theory with Patsy Ramsey as the killer- covering up a tragic accident and staging the murder scene.

Janet Walsh is a young, soon-to-be divorcée who's enjoying being single for the first time in her adult life.

She even starts a secret love affair with one of the most prominent men in town – a romance she must keep from her jealous ex, Scott, who has been stalking her.

One night, Janet's best friend takes her for a girls' night out.

She finds herself fending off unwanted advances, especially from her creepy boss, whose wedding ring doesn't seem to stop him from flirting.