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The 63-year-old actor was picked up after police received a complaint of a person driving erratically nera the intersection of Belden Hill and Seir Hill Road, the Wilton Police Department confirms to E! I’m pretty sure my family will go to a Star Trek Convention after my dad retires.He’s a pretty no-nonsense guy, he grew up in California and worked his way up in the same cotton company for over 20 years.He’s pretty serious and likes his humor in the form of era and take to a convention center. I don’t remember a ton, I was 6, but I do remember wondering what was going to happen to Jean Luc Picard after being assimilated by the Borg in between seasons.The great thing about being six for that is that I wasn’t disappointed at all in the conclusion of "The Best of Both Worlds" (separate the saucer section, “sleep”), it was perfect. The fans brought the original series back in the days of letter writing campaigns.They started their own conventions, they were frequently called out for being geeks before that was a good thing.

Hell, you can got to Netflix right now and watch a handful of documentaries not about should only be in theaters as a secondary extension of the brand.There’s something great about the Gene Roddenberry universe, whether it be the conflict-free-but-still-sexist portrayal of the original series’ future to ) pitched a version called “Star Trek: Reboot the Universe” that actually made it online in PDF form.The second was developed closer to the JJ reboot and was written by producer Geoffrey Thorne, novelist and writer on things like ).This other series wouldn’t reboot the Star Trek universe, but would vault it forward past the DS9 and Voyager series timelines into a far flung future where the Utopia Federation that we knew from other TV series had become boring and complacent.would have seen the titular group reduced to a mere peacekeeping force as the old ways broke apart.Vulcans withdraw from the United Federation of Planets and reunify with the Romulans, the Bajorans of Deep Space Nine would have also withdrawn and become a planet full of religious monks, like a “Tibet in space.” The Klingons wouldn’t be as warrior-obsessed anymore, but would instead be warrior mystics. The Cardassians would have abandoned war and become an artist/philosopher race.In essence, , because it seems like the same people who made that pitch could be involved.

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