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The requirements described below are valid for the United States Program only. Learning the principles and philosophy in the first course gives you the "how" to work with energy meridians.After completing the course work and additional requirements described below, a student is granted a Certificate of Completion. The Ohashiatsu II course provides the "why" to work with specific meridians by introducing the Five Elements of Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood.

You’ll learn how to work from Hara: your center and your source of inner strength and calm. Students learn the fundamental principles of Ohashiatsu/Ohashi Method as they apply to bodywork and, more importantly, to every aspect of life.Our appearance, our habits, our likes and dislikes, our emotions and attitudes are examples of our effort to be in harmony with the Five Elements that are in Nature and within us at all times.You’ll learn: This course demonstrates why Ohashiatsu is the best modality for givers.You will learn new techniques using your arms, elbows and knees, which increase body balance and grace, and gives the palms and thumbs a much needed rest.Using knees in conjunction with forearms, elbows or the hands allows the giver to make more than two connections with the receiver, resulting in a nurtured feeling.

This is where Ohashiatsu as meditation can begin to be experienced.You will be introduced to: Students are required to take at least one course with Ohashi, choosing from the courses he will offer.Studying with Ohashi is a very important formative experience and we are highly recommend students to take advantage of these opportunities.Ohashi Method® Practical Course Ohashi will teach and demonstrate some of the key principles underlying his approach to bodywork, based on his 40 years of study and practice.To him, the term "bodywork" refers to the giver's body, which must work correctly in order to give effective treatment.He will teach you how to improve your approach by improving your movement, and which principles to follow in order to maximize efficiency and the joy of giving.