Spinal cord injury dating sites

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Spinal cord injury dating sites - bwwm dating sites

The thoracic vertebrae are defined by The spinal cord segments are not necessarily situated at the same vertebral levels.For example, while the C1 cord is located at the C1 vertebra, the C8 cord is situated at the C7 vertebra.

The lumbar cord is situated between T9 and T11 vertebrae.

United Spinal Association is joining with National Stroke Association and three other advocacy groups to raise awareness about spasticity and help people living with spasticity to resume normal daily activities.

On July 16th 1994, my life took a dramatic turn, I had a low speed fall from a mountain bike, which left me with a broken neck at the C2,3 and 4 vertebrae and total body paralysis.

I was completely paralysed from the neck down fighting for my life.

I was now destined to spend my life as a quadriplegic or tetraplegic, with none of the body and muscle movements I used to take for granted.

Spinal cord injury was going to become a central point of my life.

Spinal Injuries occur suddenly and in most cases without warning.

Each day hundreds of people worldwide and their families and friends are coming to terms with a new spinal injury and paralysis.

This website is intended to help other spinally injured persons and people close to them, after their lives are affected by this devastating disability.

In this article, I will briefly address the issue of spinal cord injury levels, the definition of "complete" spinal cord injury, and the ASIA Classification approach towards spinal cord injury. The spine consists of a series of vertebral segments.

In the early 1990's, when I co-chaired the committee that helped define the currently accepted ASIA Classification, there was no single definition of level, completeness of injury, or classification.

What most people do not know is doctors are frequently confused about the definition of spinal cord injury levels, the definition of complete and incomplete injury, and the classification of spinal cord injury.

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