Small nose studs online dating

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Small nose studs online dating - wbpz dating sites

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It all started with a seemingly simple Facebook status.

And, of course, a girl-crush (girls and social media run my f*cking life).“I want to get a fashion septum piercing,” I thoughtlessly typed into my Facebook status.

It was a rainy Tuesday afternoon, and I had spent the morning lazily carousing Instagram, gazing at my favorite model/girl-crush of the moment, Cailin Russo, and her fashionable feed.

Cailin Russo is the kind of long-legged, California-girl gorgeous I could never be, with glowing sun-kissed skin, seafoam eyes and effortless blonde beach waves.

And just beneath her perfect button nose with its perfect smattering of freckles is an unexpected .

I would describe my personal style as extremely f*cking feminine with a sneaky, subtle edge.

So last Tuesday when I adorned my virginal nose with a septum “piercing,” snapped a selfie, uploaded it to Instagram and waltzed into work, I had no idea what I was in for.

I was blown away by the reactions and feelings this piece of metal triggered.

Who knew a seemingly vacant septum piercing would be a window into the societal standards of beauty?

I admire a girl who's born conventionally beautiful but chooses unconventional fashion over succumbing to the societal standards of “pretty.” It would be so easy for Cailin to take basic pictures of herself posing in yoga pants like every other California babe, but instead, she rocks platform goth boots over stilettos and opts for a septum piercing over a spray tan. I was born a fashion-obsessed entity who garners inspiration from badass girls with fierce personal style. Russo, I decided I HAD to have a septum piercing just like she did.

And as per usual, I spilled my fleeting idea of the moment onto Facebook.

I wasn’t expecting The reaction was so aggressive that I felt like I was in an alternate universe.

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