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But Prince set off the row with the most impact through his classic 1984 album "Purple Rain" on "Darling Nikki," a song that starts with a girl masturbating in a hotel lobby.

- Ultra-sexy outfits - Prince stood just five feet two (1.57 meters) but his height was no obstacle to attraction, with many people who encountered him remarking on his sheer physical beauty. The cover to his self-titled 1979 album depicted a nude Prince from the chest up, his hair wild and a sultry look in his eyes, while he appeared fully naked in a more cherubic pose on 1988's "Lovesexy." Prince most often wore purple, his signature color, but was daring in his choice of outfits from frizzy pink stoles to sequined blue hoodies to black-and-white polka dots.He embraced women's clothing from high heels to female underwear.His most daring appearance, however, may have been at the MTV Video Music Awards in 1991.Prince emerged in a yellow suit and elegantly snapped up his guitar, before the crowd realized that his outfit showed his bare buttocks.As if that were not enough, his back-up dancers acted out a scene of group sex.NEW YORK: On Prince's 1981 album "Controversy," released days after he opened for the Rolling Stones dressed in bikini underwear and got booed off stage, the singer quipped that he was asked constantly if he was black or white, straight or gay.

The pop icon, who died suddenly Thursday at age 57, oozed sexuality both through his music and his inimitable fashion sense as he turned androgyny into a stylistic symbol.

But unlike another recently deceased music great, David Bowie, or his contemporary Madonna, Prince's gender-bending did not take on a message of empowerment with the singer later surprising many fans with his religious views and hesitance at gay rights.

Rock music and sex have always been bedfellows but Prince took lasciviousness to heights that would make even some listeners with contemporary sensibilities blush.

His first three albums -- "For You, "Prince" and "Dirty Mind" -- brought in liberal doses of sex that reinforced the artist's emerging brand of instantly danceable funk.

"Dirty Mind" featured one of Prince's most controversial songs, "Head," a graphic tale of a virgin bride in her wedding dress giving him oral sex.

"Controversy" brought similarly unabashed sexuality on tracks such as "Do Me, Baby" and "Jack U Off" but the subject matter suddenly took on a political dimension in the new conservative era of president Ronald Reagan, whom Prince criticized by name.

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