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Han har brutt med sin forlovede for å vende tilbake til hjemmbyen og til sin mor, som bor alene etter sinmors død. See full summary » A partially paralyzed teenager is failing to have sex for the first time.

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Aging wife desperately wants to sexually satisfy her husband, but he's losing interest and cheats.She seeks advice even from prostitutes but nothing helps.Tired from trying, she falls for her husband's son who reciprocates.A student needs to deliver a short film as a homework, which has to be shot in just one sequence.He writes an erotic scene and invites an older woman to act in his project ¿The problem? See full summary » It's summer break, so Toto (Altomaro) and Quique (Mora) can dream their life away by biking around their neighbourhood and spying on Quique's maid, Chabelita (Aguirre). See full summary » A year on an Alpine farm: an older couple have two children, Belli, who wanted to be a teacher, and the younger Franzi, deaf, and although he works like a man, child-like. See full summary » Returning home late one night from a business trip to Mexico, architect Frank Delgado finds the car of wealthy client Alan Richmond in his driveway. See full summary » A prosperous writer of kid's books falls in adore with a female which very special connection to her dad results in a terrible horror significantly changing the life of all persons engaged....See full summary » After several years without contact, Martijn visits his sister Daantje, who just started to live on her own in Amsterdam.

He tells her he is going to make a documentary from her life, and ... See full summary » Petter har nettopp avbrutt sine studier.

See full summary » Alex Harris has it all: he's popular, he's class president, and the ladies can't get enough of him (in particular, fellow student council member Jenny Clark). Han har brutt med sin forlovede for å vende tilbake til hjemmbyen og til sin mor, som bor alene etter sinmors død.

Ved Petters hjemkomst forstår vi at moren ikke har noe imot at han har brutt over tvert for å vende tilbake til hjemmet.

Den innflytelse som moren har hatt over Petter i barnårene, gir seg nå uttrykk i en sterk morsbinding hos gutten.

Når moren igjen har han hos seg, tilspisses situasjonen når hun får greie på at han har innledet et nytt forhold til en annen kvinne i byen.

Vi forstår etterhvert at moren vil ha ham for seg selv - på alle måter.