Sexual harassment online video

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Sexual harassment online video

Viewers will see realistic scenes that are clearly sexual harassment, and others that are probably just lapses in good judgment.Versions Available: Bullies often act just under the radar, denying their hostile intent or shrugging off their behaviors as humorous or insignificant.

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Versions Available: Employees are just as responsible as managers for maintaining a harassment-free workplace."Kantola’s trainings were easy to implement, distribute, and track.When rolling out compliance training, nothing compares to solid content on an efficient platform.The help team was always responsive to keep us moving forward. " Sexual harassment and diversity training is more than just a way to protect you and your company—it’s the law. Race, age, religion, disabilities and other characteristics are prime targets for discrimination as well.Kantola’s series of harassment training videos will help you comply with legal requirements (including California’s AB 1825 legislation).These videos will also encourage employees to embrace their diverse workforce and celebrate the differences that make us all unique.

This collection of award-winning training videos will not only help you comply with legal requirements, but will also encourage employees to embrace their diverse workforce and celebrate the differences that make us all unique.Learn More Creating an inclusive environment in the workplace can be a challenge.Fortunately, there are specific skills that can help us smooth workplace interactions and resolve issues that might come up, whether they involve ethnicity, age, gender, sexual orientation, disabilities or anything else that makes people feel different.Versions available: Diversity and Inclusion for Employees Diversity and Inclusion for Managers Complete Set Learn More This release features a sequence of original stories that convey important training points as seen through the eyes of the participants.Use this program to improve overall behavior, encourage communication, and help create a workplace that is respectful, productive—and harassment-free! It can happen in any size organization, in any industry.Detailing ten distinct warning signs that could foretell violence in your organization, this training video emphasizes the need for employees to speak up and get help if they notice anything that causes concern.

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