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As the sixth and final season of the hit HBO series begins, Carrie gets the brush-off from a Post-It note; Samantha warms up to an aspiring actor; Miranda falls for a neighbor; and Charlotte and Harry move toward marriage.All 20 episodes from the sixth and final series of the hit comedy drama series set in New York.

'Great Sexpectations' sees Carrie realising that the passion she and Berger feel for each other doesn't translate to th...Season 6, Episode 20February 23, 2004In the series finale, Carrie grows restless in Paris; Steve's mother (Anne Meara) becomes disoriented; Charlotte gets news from China; and chemo compromises Sam's libido. Season 6, Episode 18February 8, 2004Aleksandr (Mikhail Baryshnikov) poses a question to Carrie; Charlotte gets the chance to play mommy; Miranda has doubts about Carrie's beau; Samantha is involved in a mix-up with her maid. Season 6, Episode 15January 19, 2004Samantha seeks a second opinion; Charlotte baby-sits for Miranda and Steve; and Carrie contemplates motherhood. Season 6, Episode 17February 2, 2004Miranda (Cynthia Nixon) settles into her new digs; Samantha is out to disprove the notion that her condition has taken her out of the game. Season 6, Episode 14January 12, 2004Miranda proposes to Steve; Samantha considers breast implants; Carrie is unnerved by Aleksandr's sentimental gestures; Charlotte and Harry (Evan Handler) pay for a romantic dinner in more ways than one. Season 6, Episode 12September 15, 2003Carrie has a brush with greatness when she meets a famous artist (Mikhail Baryshnikov) at an art gallery; an interesting bunch assembles for Brady's first-birthday bash. Season 6, Episode 11September 7, 2003Charlotte hasn't given up on starting a family; Carrie notices a change in Big when he returns to New York for a visit; Samantha is uneasy about holding hands. Season 6, Episode 10August 24, 2003Charlotte observes the dating game from the sidelines; Carrie spends time with an old beau; Samantha finagles her way into a snooty club. Season 6, Episode 13January 4, 2004Carrie takes Aleksandr (Mikhail Baryshnikov) as her lover; Samantha and Smith attend a party hosted by Richard; Miranda and Steve have an uncomfortable encounter with Robert (Blair Underwood); and Charlotte volunteers for the blind.

Season 6, Episode 9August 17, 2003Miranda likes what she sees in a new neighbor; Charlotte regrets giving Harry permission to be himself.

Season 6, Episode 8August 10, 2003Charlotte poses for an important picture; Miranda blanches at the idea of meeting Steve's girlfriend; Samantha takes a realistic approach to being single.

Season 6, Episode 7August 3, 2003Carrie tries to get rid of the unpleasant taste left by her fling with Berger; Miranda finds hanging on to old clothes wasn't a “waist” of time.

Season 6, Episode 6July 27, 2003Charlotte gets unwanted attention at the synagogue; Samantha's PR machine works a little too well; Miranda feels the pressure of being a lawyer and a single mother.

Season 6, Episode 5July 20, 2003Carrie's relative success brings out the worst in Berger; Samantha turns on her hype machine to help Jerry (Jason Lewis); Miranda and Steve spend a surprise evening together.

Season 6, Episode 4July 14, 2003Berger is burned by Carrie's comments about his novel; Charlotte makes her first Sabbath dinner for Harry a memorable one; Samantha's fantasy life with Jerry is better than the real one.

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