Serial brazilian online dating

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Serial brazilian online dating

As were Aala El-Khani’s stories about families affected by war: with over 1.5 billion people afflicted and children often traumatised by parents struggling to cope, the Psychology Research Associate dedicated her PHD to helping Syrian migrants through ‘Bombs to Bread’, an inventive parenting programme delivered to refugee camps and warzones via leaflets tucked into bread wrappers.

Interwoven throughout were performances by bright young pianist Hayley Parkes, storyteller Jan Blake - who commented that ‘stories are templates, road maps to what it means to be a human being’ - and recently appointed Manchester University chancellor Lemn Sissay, whose powerful poetry was accompanied by gut-wrenching noises that left host Herb Kim thinking he was dying onstage.

This insightful start to the day was followed by Professor Rob proctor, whose talk I found overshadowed by unnecessary academic jargon, when the subject of ‘social media wildfires’ should have provided ample scope for revealing insights: particularly when considering how we can balance the harms of viral content with freedom of speech. The mere mention inspires shudders, which is why Aaron - mild-mannered Research Associate by day, live club coder by night - has invented a software programme that aims to dispel the negative myths about coding and make it more accessible.

Sonic Pi has been used everywhere from Frankfurt festivals to primary schools and his demonstration on using it to create music was admittedly very engaging, seamlessly blending hi-fi and humour (although I for one am still not convinced that coding is easy).

Jeff Coghlan, founder of Matmi - a gamification company whose clients would make name-droppers salivate - also gave a persuasive speech.

Despite joking that ‘gamification’ sounds like a gangrenous leg, Coghlan maintains the belief that making work more ‘game-like’ is important: teaching skills like teamwork (contrary to its antisocial adolescent stereotype) and problem-solving, whilst encouraging motivation. A serial dater once called ‘the Wikipedia of online dating', Ian Forrester, made the audience chuckle when he seemingly tried to pick up a Valentine’s date, though his talk was more ambiguous: appearing to illuminate the con-ridden waters of online dating, how we’ve become disconnected in a hyper-connected world with our subsequent (desperate?

) search for authentic relationship with movements like free hugs. Preceded by a comical video about a New York initiative called Improv Everywhere, Ed Carter rounded off the technology field with his work on the surprising overlap between acoustics and architecture.

Social change speakers were interestingly - perhaps significantly - all women.

In Place of War’s Ruth Daniel gave one of the liveliest speeches of the day, describing three artist communities that have thrived in the most difficult of environments due to locals’ resilience, resourcefulness and determination.

From dancing on cardboard boxes amongst the drug cartels of Columbia’s Medellín to a ‘hip hop agribusiness’ in Nigeria’s Gulu, the anecdotes were a harsh reminder of our own complacency.

FROM slums in Africa to the controversial US-Mexico border, what started as a single conference on ‘Technology, Entertainment and Design’ (geddit?

) in 1984 has captured the globe: TED talks now take place in over 100 languages, surpassed one billion views in 2012 and have featured everyone from US Presidents to Nobel Prize winners.

With a mission of ‘ideas worth spreading’ through talks of under eighteen minutes, TED now encompasses a multitude of projects that, together, aim to spark conversation and ultimately change the world.

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