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Sam Hammond: $172,034.54 Elementary School Teacher, Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board Paul Elliot: $170,288.87 Teacher, Rainy River District School Board Harvey Bischof: $170,377.47 Secondary teacher, Durham District School Board Earl Burt: $163,602.23 Secondary Teacher, Toronto District School Board Stephanie Ledger: $162,339.76 Elementary teacher, Waterloo Region District School Board TOP TEN EARNERS Thomas Mitchell: $1,726,768.04 President and CEO, Ontario Power Generation Laura Formusa: $1,039,301.66 President and CEO, Hydro One Wayne Robbins: $939,919.43 Chief nuclear officer, Ontario Power Generation Albert Sweetnam: $847,847.00 Executive vice president, nuclear projects, Ontario Power Generation William Moriarty: $775,665.16 CEO, University of Toronto Asset Management Corp. Bell: $828,553.16 President and CEO, University Health Network William Reichman: $737,003.22 President and CEO, Baycrest Centre for Geriatric Care Howard Wetston: $716,484.09 Chair and CEO, Ontario Securities Commission Barry Mc Lellan: $760,627.57 President and CEO, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre Joseph Mapa: $693,720.08 President and CEO, Mount Sinai Hospital OUT THE DOOR Some high-profile resignations from the list.

Occupational Therapists , Physical Therapists and Registered Nurses will do assessments in home but not the Geriatricians.Hertfordshire Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust is committed to providing excellent health and social care for people with mental ill health, physical ill health and those with a learning disability.Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and attention-deficit disorder (ADD) are conditions where individuals have extreme problems with inattention and distractibility, to the point that it causes problems with school, home or relationships.Individuals with ADHD also have hyperactivity (troubles sitting still, fidgeting) and impulsivity (acting without thinking first).Main hospital serving Sudbury, which also has Mental Health and Addictions Program which delivers a comprehensive range of community and hospital-based services. more Community hospital providing various health care services, including various mental health care services such as: * Inpatient mental health care (15-bed unit) * Outpatient mental health services more “Red Flags” is a Quick Reference Guide for Early Years professionals.David Mc Keown: 8,032.13 Medical officer of health, City of Toronto Andy Byford: 8,600.93 Chief executive officer, Toronto Transit Commission William Frost: 5,679.15 Head of bus transportation, Toronto Transit Commission Barbara Yaffe: 0,378.59 Associate medical officer of health, City of Toronto DOING JUST FINE A few parking enforcement officers who made the Sunshine list.

Lallman Lall: 0,744.18 Parking enforcement officer, City of Toronto Hiba Joseph Demian: 9,965.25 Parking enforcement officer, City of Toronto Vijeyakumar Alaguras: 0,170.58 Parking enforcement officer, City of Toronto Zulfiqar Ali Khimani: 8,180.48 Parking enforcement officer, City of Toronto Jagmohan Singh Notay: 8,137.36 Parking enforcement officer, City of Toronto THE BRASS IN BLUE GTA police chiefs.Mike Ewles: 3,861.45 Chief of Police, Durham region Gary Crowell: 2,851.86 Chief of Police, Halton region Michael Metcalf: 6,472.25 Chief of Police, Peel region Eric Jolliffe, 4,516.94 Chief of Police, York region AN APPLE A DAY Top physicians on the list. Mac Donald: 3,591.71 Laboratory Physician, Mount Sinai Hospital Edward H.Cole: 9,145.00 Physician-in-Chief, University Health Network Eleanor Latta: 3,407.72 Laboratory Physician, St.Michael’s Hospital Danny Ghazarian: 2,380.51 Laboratory Physician, University Health Network Scot Saltstone: 4,101.73 NURSING YOU BACK TO HEALTH A selection of nurses on the Sunshine list.Yenge Diambomba: 7,782.24 Doctor, Mount Sinai Hospital Nunziata Policella: 1,723.40 Registered Nurse, Niagara Health System Barbara Mildon: 4,534.04 Vice-president, Professional Practice and Research and Chief Nurse Executive, Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences Michelle Lahay-Doucette: 4,631.65 Registered Nurse, Sudbury Regional Hospital Marlene Caldwell: 4,534.70 Charge Nurse, Niagara Health System ON TOP OF THE IVORY TOWER Academics on the Sunshine list.William Moriarty: 5,665.16 CEO, University of Toronto Asset Management Corp.