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indian government shud somehow bring those black money to india and a strict rule should made by which these money transfer shud be stopped.these systems of concentrating black money should be eradicated by forming a tough rule and examining all the reasons producing them Reply The Indian government needs to take some serious steps to get the money back to India which is stashed in the illegal personal accounts of corrupt politicians, IAS, IRS, IPS officers and industrialists in Swiss banks as black money,because the money belongs to the India and its citizens. (1) Bankers who behave irresponsibly should face professional consequences. A and the Serious Fraud Office should be following up every lead, investigating every suspect transaction . Points to be noted: 1) Youth should come in to politics but not stupids like rahul gandhi.

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Reply why indian politicians nt asking for the black money because they might have their accounts over there. ———“ Constituents of mine have lost £2 million through fraud. 4) Reservations should be removed 5) Christian conversions should be stopped. 10) One child to a family is enough if more than one no govt facilities should be given to that whole family. Many more follow this and every indian should remember india is strong and india will be an example to all other countries in near future.By bringing back the black money back to the country there is so much which can be done for the development of the nation and the people who live below poverty line. Past –President – Geneva Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Keep a firm and century ruled policy , that all people should attain 100% literacy.India will also be able to clear all their foreign debts in 24Hrs. Investment Committee member, Vice President – Global Humanitarian Forum. Human polulation should be restricted to below 10 crore.Even if all the taxes are abolished, the government can maintain the country easily for 30 years. Reply swiss bank should reveal a statement about rechecking of accounts and ask the depositors to provide the documents regarding the deposited assets or money,if no proof given properly money should be tranferred to government and should provide the details of the person to judicial department of india Reply we can bring back this amount back to india.It’s been found that about 80 thousand people travel to Switzerland every year of whom around 25 thousand travel frequently. i will help my india to become one of the best developed country .Those travelling on regular basis must be doing it for some reason. i m working towards it asap i will achieve victory and make my indian poor citizens.1.4 trillions imagaine if it comes to india then almost all indian people who r suffering from food.shelter, will be vanished and every body will get job 🙂 Reply can bring all the black money in india again bust those ministers having black money.

The Indian government needs to take some serious steps to get the money back to India which is stashed in Swiss banks. By seeing this i thought that india is the richest country in the world 1500 billion$ or 1.4 trillion$ so what do u think? Reply If we bring that black money to india who will distribute that money correctly. For example: In india itself internally we are having crores of rupees of black money.

They should work to find out the names of account holders in Swiss banks and also pressurize Swiss bank to get the black money back to the country. Their will be no change just money transfers from one person to another person. Our politicians dont have guts to bring that money in to lime light.

This has also become a matter of pride of nation and if the government still keeps silence about this issue then they will only be making themselves a laughing stock for the entire world. Then what is the use of bringing black money from swiss bank.

According to the data provided by the Swiss bank, India has more black money than rest of the world combined. Written Parliamentary Questions received by the table office .. *** We note that there has been a sharp increase in Peters & Peters partners leaving to go to other practices. Everybody knows one party rule us more than 90% percent till now by saying they belong to Great Gandhi Family.

India topping the list with almost 00 Billion black money in swiss banks, followed by Russia 0 Billion, UK 0 Billion, Ukraine 0 Billion and China with Billion. (1) To ask the secretary of state what steps he is taking to ensure that Swiss Banks such as Pictet & Cie do not evade criminal prosecution under EU law even when the illegal act is committed by a London based subsidiary. Moving does not alleviate them of any responsibility from any illegalities that may have occurred at Peters & Peters during their partnership tenure. *** Were currently waiting to see if the Police and other Law Enforcement Bodies attempt to cover this case up like their F. Now it’s their responsibility to show their credibiilty infront of people of India that this money belongs to whom.

It’s embarrassing for any country to top the list of black money holders. (2)To ask the secretary of state what steps he is taking to protect the rights of UK citizens who seek redress following criminal activities by Swiss banks with subsidiary offices located in London. the complaint was sent to 150 Members of the House Of Lords and 230 Members of Parliament. How this is going on openly since last 63 yrs when whole world knows that Indians are keeping money out of county specially European country due to their special Bank laws.

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