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She added: 'It's been the worst imaginable time - we have been beside ourselves with worry, but the fact Charlotte is now conscious is amazing.''I woke up this morning still feeling like I'd been dug up!I'm normally the most smiley, positive person but this morning I struggled to even speak.

'She made headlines in January 2014 after she waived her right to anonymity as a victim of sex assault after revealing she'd been abused by her running coach.

Redding Police spotted Turman driving the Scooby Doo themed van at p.m. She then led police on a chase, driving in and out of traffic quite like the cartoon that the van’s paint job was based on.

Police on the road lost sight of her after she sped through a red light smashing into four cars at an intersection.

With the help of a California Highway Patrol helicopter authorities were able to locate the van, allowing police to continue their pursuit.

Turman headed towards the nearby city of Anderson via Interstate 5 exceeding speeds of 100 mph.

The police chase came to a stop once again near Buenaventura and Highway 273 due to public safety as the car chase speeds exceeded 100 mph.

Turman continued to speed the brightly colored van southbound on Highway 273, said police.

The California Highway Patrol helicopter continued to tail her movements from the air.

Turman later stopped driving, too, and was seen abandoning her vehicle by the California Highway Patrol helicopter. The police later located the van at Hill Drive just north of Anderson thanks to the California Highway Patrol helicopter and have impounded the brightly painted van.

It is unknown why the 1994 Chrysler minivan was painted as the famous cartoon Mystery Machine, complete with flowers and “The Mystery Machine” painted over the windows, but it helped the police lead on the chase to spot and follow the van.

The recognizable Chrysler was also spotted by bystanders who uploaded snaps of the speeding Mystery Machine to Twitter.

television cartoons and movies since 1969 with Shaggy, Velma, Daphne, Fred and Scooby Doo racing around to solve crimes and debunk signs of supernatural phenomena.