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The RCMP believes that the long-term prevention of youth crime and victimization can only be accomplished in partnership with the community.For this reason, the RCMP works closely with local organizations and social services so that young people who come into contact with the police, as either victims or offenders, receive the help they need to overcome the challenges in their lives.

And now, another accusation has arisen in the wake of Boushie’s death; according to the , a press release from the Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations (FSIN) is saying that the RCMP issued a “biased” and “prejudicial” news release, in what many are calling a case of victim-blaming. There’s been more than 100 years of stereotypes and racism building, and the Battlefords here has a particular history,” said North Battleford lawyer Eleanore Sunchild.Nova Scotia RCMP say a high-risk sex offender about to be released from prison is headed for the Shubenacadie-Enfield area.Wayne Joseph Croft, 60, will be released from Dorchester Penitentiary on Tuesday after serving his full 10-year sentence for several sexual assaults.Croft has a history of sex offences involving boys and girls under the age of 16, dating back to 1978.The RCMP say because Croft is considered a high-risk to reoffend, they believe the notification is in the public's best interests and outweighs his right to privacy.The Mounties have also notified the provincial Department of Education.

At the same time, the RCMP is warning the public against vigilante acts.

"Any acts of vigilantism will not be tolerated and can be considered an act of violence and also could be considered a criminal offence," said Sgt.

One of the RCMP’s five strategic priorities is to reduce youth involvement in crime, both as victims and/or offenders.

Our current priority issues are bullying and cyberbullying, youth radicalization to violence, drugs and alcohol and intimate partner violence.

In order to reduce youth crime and victimization, the RCMP aims to: Many schools across RCMP jurisdictions have an assigned School Resource Officer who acts as a key contact for youth, parents and teachers in a specific school or group of schools.

School Resource Officers support community policing efforts and often assist in delivering RCMP programs and local initiatives to youth.