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A descent into Hell is triggered when "Ex-Lord" Donald Brocklebank finds that he must leave Longleigh House for London to find a way to pay for the medical treatments for his wife Nancy. See full summary » Down a seedy city street in her neighborhood, young Enola Penny is obsessed with what appears to be a long abandoned theatre.One night, she sees that the front door is slightly ajar and ...

Isolated, a lonely tollbooth operator watches as the world flows past him in a never-ending stream of vehicles, their passengers traveling ...

See full summary » "Little Deaths" is composed by three segments with short stories of sex, violence, death and revenge in England.

1st segment: "House & Home" Richard Gull and his wife Victoria Gull claim that are good Samaritans and invite the starving homeless Sorrow to have a bath and dinner with them at home.

However they spike the wine and when Sorrow wakes up, she is tied naked on a bed in the basement. three tight little debauched stories of the macabre that are so well acted and directed that I have to say this was a masterpiece.

Richard abuses of her and Victoria stays with Sorrow humiliating her while he has a shower. I think anyone for a penchant for the darkside should be smiling down on the dark ominous salacious gods that put this together.

He hears a scream and when he arrives in the basement, he has a gruesome surprise. Jen has headaches and nightmares and she returns to Dr. I've always loved anthologies since Creepshow and than Trick or treat came in 2007 and that to me was the best of the best.

2nd segment: "Mutant Tool" The former addicted prostitute Jen lives with her former pimp and drug dealer Frank, who also abducts persons to steal their kidneys to deliver to Dr. Jen gives her best efforts to stay clean and refuses to meet clients from the former "agency" where she worked. Years later Theatre Bizarre rekindles my great memories for these kinds of films and than I am introduced to this masterpiece.My favourite of the sanguineous triactor was "bitch" but the other two are very close in nature. Just three stories that will keep you on the edge of sanity for however long before you snap and realize how outlandish this film really is. This article is about the general historical concept of sadomasochism.For consenting partners engaging in sexual play behavior, see BDSM.For the medical condition involving unwilling victims, see Sexual sadism disorder.

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    The gift is then revealed to be the picture from the main credits (Ted has 2 more wedding gifts left to give). Lily learns about Marshall getting kicked from the flight, and might not make it to the wedding, which causes her to pay the bartender at The Farhampton Inn 0 to replace her glass of alcohol every time she isn't holding a glass (which becomes a running gag).