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A small number of subs doesn't always mean that they are bad, be open-minded and you may be surprised!All of these lets players are good in their own way. ATTENTION: IF YOU MESS UP, REMOVE, OR OTHERWISE HARM AN ENTRY WHILE ADDING A NEW ONE YOUR EDIT WILL BE REVERTED. YOU'RE ALL CAPABLE OF DOING IT PROPERLY SO PLEASE ACT LIKE IT.

They are a spin-off let’s play channel of the skit channel "Facebomb Productions".

They play various classic and modern games on a wide range of consoles, being slightly funny along the way.

They play in combinations of two-five people per game, and sometimes include guests.

Gamebomb aims for comedy and storytelling in their let’s plays.

They upload videos every single day, with multiple videos on Tuesdays and Fridays. This is Clemmy Games and my main content is on First Impressions and Recommendations of Indie Games!

Hello, I'm Nathan, more known as "Firefly" in just about every game and on Youtube!

I've been on You Tube for nearly a year at the time of creating this entry, and been loving every bit of it.My goal is to create a community of people who love to hang out and really experience games together while learning about them in the process, and of course have fun with it!On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 8pm, we dive into some of the meta, builds, playstyles and any new content for Warframe.Upload Schedule: Tuesday: First Look at a newish indie game Thursday: My Gaming History Friday: Game Recommendation My aim is to make these smaller games more visible so that a wider audience can enjoy the variety of experiences that gaming can provide!Just a group of friends trying to make each other and everybody else laugh.Spank n' Jake consist of four vastly different people with a chemistry that can rival any other Let's Player.

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