Online dating sites dangers of mold

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Online dating sites dangers of mold

Would it have made their union any less valid or biblical?

In an article written on the subject earlier this year for RNS that questions whether or not these sites undermine Christian values, Merritt reveals that although he has several friends who have formed successful relationships through Christian dating sites, some even resulting in marriage, he’s not completely sold on the idea.“After entering my email address, zip code, and height, I’m asked, “What is your body type? After making a note of several contradictions and inconsistencies found on popular Christian dating sites, Merritt concluded by questioning how and if believers should be using these web-based dating pools.

” My cursor hovers above “Washboard,” but in the end, I select, “I should maybe lose a few.” Next comes eye color, ethnicity, education, occupation, and smoking and drinking preferences. I’m questioned on what type of church I attend, how often I go, and what ministry I’m involved in. “Christian dating websites have potential for much good.

Several of my friends have met their significant others on them, and in some cases, have even married the partners they met.

But the way many of these websites are going about their business is shallow and short-sighted, and we need to be having a serious conversation about After weighing both sides, it appears that there may not be a right or wrong answer to the growing question about whether or not dating sites are appropriate for Christians.

As with many questions that can’t be answered with a single scripture or a blanket commandment, it’s a personal decision.

I’ve always been pretty bias when it comes to Christian dating sites, but I can’t honestly say that these were views or beliefs that I organically cultivated on my own.

I was raised in a church with pretty traditional and rigid views regarding courtship, marriage, and gender roles.

The concept of “He who finds a wife” (Proverbs ) is strongly emphasized, and the idea of a woman being actively out and about searching for a husband is frowned upon.

I’d always assumed that this biblical principle pretty much cancels out Christians utilizing dating sites to find a potential mate.

I remember cringing during Christian Mingle commercials, especially at their famous slogan, “Sometimes we wait for God to make the next move when God is saying, ‘it’s your time to act.” In my mind, it was simply “unbiblical” and unheard of for Christians to be hooking up on dating sites.

One day it dawned on me that my uncompromising opinions about Christian dating sites are a little ironic, considering that I’m a young adult who is a part of Gen Y and living in the age of technology.

In 2013, many of us do our shopping, pay our bills, apply to jobs, and even earn degrees online. I found it odd that like a robot, I adopted these views without ever fully questioning them.

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