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Cleopatra - Cleopatra 1963 Are you like me Meme I do not usually do things like this but today I will do this for my dear : Icon Mrs-Myers: since this is hers.

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Annoyed I am so utterly annoyed when people start doing things for me. Stealing my ideas all the time or finishing my art projects for me.

Like for instance, if I'm working on a drawing project I don't need people taking my pencil away and drawing everything for me. I didn't ask you to help me so don't help me, don't even THINK of having anything to do with my art.

This is really starting to bother the hell out of me because I can't even draw my own damn pictures anymore without someone stealing my ideas or copying me or literally trying to draw shit for me.

I just want to say people need to come up with their own damn ideas and stop stealing my Art or my stories, and stop taking fucking credit for it. Healthy Relationships in Fanfiction(TW for discussing abusive relationships)OKAY.

I've wanted to talk about this for a really long time, and I finally sorted out to some degree what I wanted to say.

I've been on this website for a year, and I've read a lot of stories in that time period.

At first, there was this thing that I had noticed but never really thought much of.For example, Character A would become extremely possessive over Character B.Anyways, like I said, I didn't think anything of it. I've learned over the past six or seven months that it is indeed a bad thing, that should not be written unless you're intentionally making the relationship unhealthy. Tag 10 people.tagged by :icon Mrs-Myers: Well these aren't really from different fandoms but here..1. While in the meantime I am mostly trying to teach myself how to program LEDs and fun stuff like that Expect there to be little drawings of mine. BUT I will be posting pics of my helmet : Iconheplz: It's going to be awesome!!!! Name 10 of your Favorite characters from 10 different fandoms.2. So far I'm just barely starting, I should be getting a raw cast of the helmet soon. : Iconrequestfriendsonly: : Icongiftsfriendsonly:: Iconphilosoraptorplz: Have any questions? I am so excited to build it but I know it will take up a lot of my free time (especially for drawing) along with work.