Online dating getting stood up

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Online dating getting stood up - adult married dating sites

Mimi is a 21-year-old student who lives in North Ayrshire, Scotland, and studies Fashion Design at the Glasgow School of Art.

Last week, Mimi decided to go on a date with a boy that she had been speaking to online for a few months. And, indeed, at first she felt bad and sat around wondering about all of the reasons the guy could have had to bail on her without even so much as sending a courtesy text, especially since he had seemed so interested.

After going an hour out of her way to meet up with him and waiting a while, she slowly realized that the guy was not showing up. But then she realized that ""I'm a nervous person so it took a lot for me to go on a date, then when I realized he wasn't showing or even sending a text to come I decided to have fun with it," Mimi told

"I shared the snapchat images with my friends and they completely loved it and encouraged me to share it online, so I did!

"The tweet soon went viral, and while there were some trolls (of course) criticizing her looks and bashing her for posting photos in her lingerie, the majority of people were really supportive and praised her for taking the whole thing in stride, including the jerk in question."He originally said that by him not texting to cancel, that was him canceling?

Basically blamed me for not figuring out he wasn't going to show up," Mimi said [editors note: 😤.].

"He later gave me several different reasons after he saw the tweet go viral, fully apologized and said he had 'freaked out'.

We're not going to talk, but I have fully forgiven him so much that when I showed him an article about it he responded with a positive 'go you!

'."That's another +1 for Mimi on the moral high ground.

No one likes being stood up, but the lesson that it taught her made it a lot more worthwhile experience than a standard date with a lousy dude."The message I want to send out is that you don't need a significant other to make you feel significant," Mimi said.

But what happens when you are stood up by someone on a first date?

When it comes to people we deal with on a day to day to basis, it can be easier to forgive and forget when it comes to being stood up.

A friend flakes on you, a coworker fails to make it to happy hour or a sibling simply forgets you had plans.