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A couple of new features have been added from the Marvel game.There are now short 'on rails' Levels, which can be flying, driving or falling.

There is also the return of the classical character wheel in Free Play.

This allows you to select up to 8 characters, and you can freely pull up the wheel to swap in any other unlocked character at any time during Level play.

This essentially allows you to access your full character roster during Free Play.

The levels themselves are quite short, and many can be cleared in 2-3 minutes, some less.

As with the Marvel game, replay comes from redoing each level to clear Challenges.

Each individual level has 10 challenges, mostly straightforward, although a number of these will require replays with specific characters to clear a specific challenge.

It should also be noted, Levels are again one life only.

Lose your hearts, or fall off a ledge, and you'll have to restart.

Any challenges completed will be reset if you die, so it is probably best to focus on 1 or 2 per playthrough.

The LEGO Movie Videogame is the sixth LEGO game released on the VITA system.

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This game is very different from initial Lego games, but follows the same style as the Vita version of the LEGO Marvel game.