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We decided to add octopus to the grill which turn out to be one of the best item for the night. We are warmly greeting when we enter the restaurant and we can see they do the same thing to the rest of the customers.

If I am not mistaken, if you come in before 6pm, you can also get a free beer. visit once but found the place quite pack and found smokey when diner start bbq .Manbok Chinatown is a Korean restaurant located in Chinatown serving authentic Korean BBQ and Steamboat cuisine, which is prepared by chefs trained in Korea with many years of experience.The restaurant offers a range of meat which include beef, pork, chickens (non-marinated and marinated with Korean spices and sauces), seafood and specially cooked Korean dishes.These special dishes are Korean cuisine cooked in traditional style by our chefs and the dishes are changed at least on a monthly basis to provide different varieties.Manbok Chinatown is a charcoal-grilled BBQ restaurant and customers can also enjoy the food cooked in hot pot (ie. In traditional Korean style, customers wrap their grilled meats in fresh lettuce filled with delicious Korean sauces and other condiments.Its menu also include fresh fruits, soft drinks and ice-cream, which are offered at no extra charge.

Monday to Thursday (not a public holiday)Adult .00++ Child .00++ Friday, Saturday, Sunday & eve of PH & PH Adult .00++ Child .00++ *The above prices are subject to 10% service charge & 7% GST* Child - 4 to 10 years oldread all Thank you very much to Hungry Go Where and Manbok for the invitation.

For the complete review, click here: is a Korean BBQ and steamboat Restaurants located in Chinatown Although the idea is Korean BBQ and Steamboat buffet was pioneer by Seoul Garden in the 1990s in Singapore, let must just say that Manbok Chinatown is way ahead of them in terms of quality.

Manbok offer diners the option of Korean BBQ with up to 10 different type of cuts of meat to choose from. One for BBQ, using combination of gas and charcoal with stainless steel bbq grill plate, while the other for steamboat.

Meanwhile for steamboat, you can have the seafood (prawns, octopus & clams), luncheon meat, sausages, vegetables, dumplings, and instant noodle plus the necessary ingredients to whip up Budai Jjigae (Army Stew). To minimise the patrons from coming out smelling like bbq meat from dining here, they use adjustable exhaust system.

Thick cut pork belly and beef short ribs is a must for the bbq.

The pork belly has a nice balance of fat and good for grilling.