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Located in Jubilee Hills, Dadu's Jharokha is known to serve luscious Buffet with offerings in Veg and Non veg delights.A Jharokha is a type of balcony which is used in Rajasthani architecture, both as decoration and as a viewing platform.

Jharokhas are mainly used in palaces, havelis and temples.

The modern jharokha uses elements such as wood, steel and mirror.

You can easily buy wooden jharokhas for home as these handicrafts are available in both online and offline markets. Uniquely designed wooden photo frames are best for enhancing your home’s interiors.

If you want to give your interior decoration an ethnic touch, jharokhas are best for it.

Just place one wooden jharokha on a wall and you’ll be surprised by the instant transformation.

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Plenty of eye catching handcrafted wooden jharokhas and other handicrafts are available at gift store.Jharokha window is best for beautification of your room or balcony.Attractively crafted wooden jahrokha can modify your interiors in an imperial look.Select jharokha design from the many available options of and get your favorite jharokha along with the facility of abroad delivery.These ethnic decor items are best for gifting in any special occasion.Jharokhas are best decor items as you can use them in various styles.