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Article: Fiestar is desperate, will the public respond? [+650, -11] Cao Lu's variety activities has gotten the group's public recognition level up 2. her dance was clean and great, I fell for her after watching her fancam 5.

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[+52, -6] I don't know their songs but I like Cao Lu. [+3,168, -79] Jei used to be the ace of the group...but I bet it's changed now because Cao Lu has gotten so popularity 2.[+1,731, -78] Pitiful is such a good song but their new song is good too 3. [+164, -7] First time seeing a girl group fight over being the prettiest ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 5. [+161, -11] Cao Lu dyed her hair black for 'Real Men' but I think this is her best look yet. I only ever noticed her when I watched their stages before Fiestar got popular. I didn't really care for her permed blonde hair but this makes her look way prettier. Fiestar‘s Jei has finally found the employment/activities she deserves, modelling for Jenny House for whatever reason in a swimsuit and with a tan and heavy makeup.

Hurry and give her more swimsuit concepts to model for, you idiots.When a preview of FIESTAR performing “You’re Pitiful” in a mall popped up, I said the comeback basically couldn’t go wrong, and it surely hasn’t. Besides the visuals though, the choreography was actually what got my attention initially, because while it was sexy, it also struck me as different from the standard fare.That’s not to say it was perfect or that this is what will vault them to the next level, but I certainly enjoyed it one way or another. If nothing else, it kept my attention because I kept thinking, “My god, those gigantic heels and the unstable plastic chairs …Let’s turn on the music video for some deep musicial anal… that’s a bad idea.” And on a note related to the choreo, the music video was far from perfect, because … I did think the fancams were better than the music video. Because the fancams showcased their choreo far better, their outfits were hotter, and it was shot from relatively straight on, not this awkward angle that’s supposed to be flattering but isn’t.They’re trying to make them look like giants or something, but they don’t need any help.Additionally, the fancams come without the billion cuts/T-ara editing that only further reinforces my belief that editors for K-pop music videos get paid by the cut. However, I actually found the verses (especially the first one) and the rap (fit well) to be more appealing than the rather subdued (? The chorus has a smooth feel to it, and there’s catchy appeal in that, but I’m not sure the tone of it even works for the song concept.