How i met your mother s9e6 online dating

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How i met your mother s9e6 online dating

First off, I loved the interaction between Marshall and Daphne this episode, and their rehearsal on what Marshall would say to Lily.

Now Marshall and Lily finally have a plot line to deal with, but honestly I don't even care.Whether they go to Italy or more likely stay in NY just does not even matter anymore.Barney and Robin were kinda funny but why do the writers seem like they're still convincing us that there a good couple?They are at the wedding they should just BE a good couple instead of acting totally immature.So once again, this episode was average and seriously I want to see Maclarens again and the rest of New York not the inside of that stupid wedding house. Maybe it is because I have invested a whole decade of my life in it (and the decade of my transition fom teenager to young adult, so it has been important), but I believe in the show, and I know that after Christmas it will take off and become more awesome than ever. Old gags, the old formula, yes, but it's been better than the entire of last season so far!I dont mind that we didnt see much of the mother yet... I liked this episode in that Ted finally stopped moping around and actually started trying to get with somebody.

there are like 23 episodes or something like that.. I mean he hasn't met the mother yet and if they're not even going to show her then I would expect Ted to still be trying to meet other women like he always has. So Robin you love the fact that Barney slept with 250 girls? Look Im happy they are happy that they found each other but since when does Robin think everything is awesome? They've been in that B&B since May for heaven's sake. I did enjoy her interactions with Lily and I understand not using her yet, but I was surprised they used her at all so far this season. My only complaint is that the brief flash forward to Ted sitting on the platform at the end of the wedding had the mother's face still completely obscured. Some new footage of the Mother standing on the platform, face completely shown, slowly looking toward Ted's general direction and Ted maybe looking up from his book, locking eyes on her and having the scene end there would have been wonderful and not spoilerrific because we know they meet on the platform but we don't know what conversation they had, I give this episode a 9.6 out of 10. My only problem is how long are they going to stretch the wedding weekend? Im annoyed with their ,,yeah we had sex in every room bla bla" stories Why was The Mother on the train with Lily in the first place? Wouldn't she have arrived with her band the day of the wedding a few hours before the reception instead of the day or so before? I thought it was hilarious, especially with the knight who kept calling Ted out on the bad decisions he was making. Do you really think Season 1 or 2 Ted would pass up sex with an emotionally vulnerable girl? I really like this season so far and I agree both this and last week's episode were great! I hope that doesn't have serious repercussions, since now Barney and Robin are technically murderers.. (Loved the "Wedding at Bernies" fantasy, too.) And then there was Ted and the main story for the episode. However, despite the hilarity, we can see that Ted has grown as a person. Although Barney's slept with 250 women, I honestly didn't think his and Robin's love story deserved a priest literally dying of shock.

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