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If you can imagine it, it's probably on offer somewhere.However bizarre, it makes sense in a society obsessed with packaging and presentation.

If you like window shopping, you'll love looking for the perfect love hotel room.You can spot these hotels by the two prices (for a "rest" or a "stay") marked outside, near the front door.Entering through a love hotel's opaque glass sliding doors into its dimly lit, tasteful lobby, you'll notice a wall with a panel with pictures of the different rooms on offer; if the picture is lit up, it's available.You select a room by pressing the button underneath its photo, and pay the woman behind the partly obscured counter, who gives you your key.If you don't see a room you like, check out the next establishment.There's nothing like standing in a hotel devoted exclusively to sex and staring at a black-lit mural of humpback whales to give you the sensation that you are in a different country.

Japanese love hotels, also known as fashion or boutique hotels, are truly unique.

They are a Japanese solution to this practical problem: Where do couples go to consummate relationships -- licit and otherwise -- in an island society of 127 million where several generations often live under one small roof?

Love hotels -- which have been around in one form or another since the 1600s and first took their modern shape in the 1970s -- answer the question.

They're found all across Japan, generally clustered around most train stops, discreetly renting out rooms for a daytime "rest" (about three hours) or a "stay" (overnight, usually after 10 p.m.).

They're also generally cheaper than regular hotel rooms.

While love hotels initially offered simple rooms, a growing number now boast theme rooms, from grottos to S&M chambers to more frilly, romantic options.