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The following link will take you to an Introduction screen, which provides further information about the online player as well as access to a number of demonstration keys. The next meeting of the kik Forum will be on Friday 20th April, to in the Pat Brenan Suite.

We would also like to discuss what sort of keys / key projects Kew should/can develop. Hoping I may have this link added to your site – it is a draft global key to Carex. It updates frequently and it (the data set) is approximately three years old.

The following is a summary of discussions at a BGBM Seminar (Berlin) on 5. It is placed here under Creative Commons licences 2.5.

By placing it here it is hoped that the ideas and notes may be useful to others.

Please note, however, that the list of programs is neither complete nor are the feature lists complete.

The main aim of the seminar was to sharpen the actual requirements for programs within the EDIT project, and to narrow down the choice of programs to be further evaluated.

In addition to interactive identification, other important considerations were possibility to link into taxonomic databases, creation of natural language descriptions, and use in phylogenetic or other data analysis.

Note: if you find any errors or omissions, please annotate or correct them!Please leave comments below and we will incorporate as many changes as possible These tend to be good for the narrow identification purpose, but achieve this by focussing and ignoring other purposes (data management, using data for natural language descriptions, keys, or analysis purposes).The making of an interactive key has tree distinct phases, definition of characters and their states, character coding and the testing of the key.It looks like the folk over at Lucid have decided to go with the Freemium model by offering Lucid 3.3 as a free download, while their feature rich flagship 3.5 version is available as a fully supported paid download.I think this is a brilliant move on their part and will see much more widespread adoption of their software. The team developing Lucid over at CBIT have been hard at work!They’ve developed an AJAX based Lucid key player that can be installed on a web server, and are looking for people to test it.