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Gitarre Schulen 2005300 Tips & Tricks For Guitar A Practical Guide For Every Guitarist Chords und scales aus Blues, Rock, Jazz, Country, unf Funk...#Chords 7346 7,10 Schlueter: Hammer-ons, pull-offs and slides - Mike Christiansen: Improvising around the melody - Dix Bruce: Learning to transpose - Paul Kotapish: Arpeggios and melodies #Guitartab, #Noten 10392 21,95 Acoustic Guitar - Private Lesson Solo Fingerstyle Basics mit CD Andrew Du Brock: Building Fingerstyle Arrangements - Ken Perlman: Alternating Bass Fingerpicking, Hammer-ons and Pull-offs - Dale Miller: Playing Country Blues - Happy Traum: Dropped D-Tuning - Al Pettaway: Celtic Songs in Standard-Tuning - Mark Hanson: Hard Chords Made Easy- Gary Joyner: Great Classical Exercises.

I l e: on Le Gov 'i · of ao · p tpy Onhl y ad n u s D na e · r i H h C nr tn Eir h · rt o ·n cd on g i i m so io g more. Songs: 26-2, A Night In Tunisia, Afternoon In Paris, Ah-Leu-Cha, Another Hairdo, Anthropology, Au Privave, Back Home Blues, Barbados, Be-Bop, Billie's Bounce (Bill's Bounce), Bird Feathers, Bloomdido, Blue 'N Boogie, Blues For Alice, Boplicity (Be Bop Lives), Byrd Like, Chasing The Bird, Cheryl, Chi Chi, Confirmation, Dewey Square, Dizzy Atmosphere, Donna Lee, Epistrophy, Five Brothers, Four Brothers, Groovin' High, Half Nelson, Kim, Ko Ko, Lennie's Pennies, Mayreh, Mohawk, Moose The Mooche, Mr. C., Now's The Time, Ornithology, Passport, Quicksilver, Red Cross, S. S., Salt Peanuts, Scrapple From The Apple, Some Other Blues, Steeplechase, Things To Come, Thriving From A Riff, Well You Needn't (It's Over Now), Woodyn' You #Guitartab, #Noten 14120 21,95 Acoustic Guitar Magazine Accompaniment Basics mit CD Happy Traum: Down in the valley(Folk song) - Dix Bruce: Worried man blues, Gold watch and chain(Country backup stlye) - Elizabeth Papapetrou: Wildwood flower (Stimmenbegleitung)- John Gribble: Down in the valley (Barre chords) - Happy Traum: The water is wide, Mr.Bojangles (Moving basslines) David Hamburger: Gebrauch des Capos und Rockrhythmus - Dylan Schorer: Star of the county down, June apple (Akkordausschmückungen) #Guitartab, #Noten 9671 21,50 AC/DCGuitar Master Class mit CD Play in the style of AC/DC: Licks, Riffs, Rhythms, Bigoraphy, Discography, Equipment und Playalongs.Die erstklassigen CD-Tracks wurden von dem Ausnahmegitarristen Potsch Potschka eingespielt.#Guitartab, #Noten 7885 15,80 Acoustic Guitar Magazine Flatpicking Guitar Essentials mit CD BACKUP-STYLES: Larry Sandberg: Jesse James, Will the circle be unbroken - Scott Nygaard: Blues rhythm guitar - Happy Traum: Roll in my sweet baby's arms, Mama don't low - Mohn Mc Gann: Rhythm essentials - Jim Wood: Sally Goodin, Kentucky waltz - Paul Kotapish: The star of munster, Morrison's jig - MELODIES & LEADS: Scott Nygaard: Solider's joy, Sandy river belle, Carol county blues, Cross picking - Steve Pottier: Bluesy bluegrass - Dix Bruce: Foggy mountain special -Dylan Schorer: Pretty Peggy, Banish misfortune, Humphrey's hornpipe #Guitartab, #Noten 8207 29,50 AC/DC Best Ofby Michael Morenga Licks, Equipment, Spieltechniken #Guitartab, #Noten 2345 12,80 Acoustic Blues Guitar Start Playing mit CD Eine Auswahl von 10 klassischen Rhythmen sowie 10 klassische Solos für den Einsteiger." A perfect sourcebook for beginners as well as for more advanced players who want to expand their acoustic blues vocabulary.Includes playing and performance tips and a full-length demonstration CD with play along backing tracks." #Guitartab, #Noten 9800 16,30 Acoustic Guitar Magazine Best Private Lessons mit CD Ausgewählt aus über hundert Private Lessons hier die 13 besten Lektionen: Mark Hanson: Acoustic rock rhythm - Dylan Schorer: Chord emebllishment, Learning songs off records - David Hamburger: Beginning blues soloing, Steady bass fingerpicking - Dix Bruce: Jazz chord basics - Scott Nygaard: Flatpicking fiddle tunes - Dale Miller: Your first guitar rag - Al Petteway: The magic of DADGAD - Steve James: Bottleneck slide in open tunings - Kristina Olsen: Practicing secrets - Gary Joyner: Choosing a teacher.

#Guitartab, #Noten 10442 14,95 Acoustic Guitar Alternate Tunings Guitar Collection mit CD Join some of today's greatest guitar players and explore the new world outside of standard tuning!

This unique CD/songbook lets you hear and play 12 songs in 10 different tunings: David Wilcox ­Ee f e ui n" David Crosby with CPR ­Ta "y ot H r aeh r c " t h H ue- Sonny Chillingworth ­M e U ae Dem S c Ky -John Cephas and Phil os" "o ' n (r h a l k e) a " Wiggins ­Jh H n " Ani Di Franco ­Calad l- Alex de Grassi ­Te a r " n er o y "r e n A" d l " Wt h e G r n- Dougie Mac Lean ­C l oi - Ledward Kaapana ­W e H S i " a e" d "a dn " e a " he a w gn Trian ­Te eto Q en ae- Peter Finger ­11 ot - Mary Chapin " D a f ue Jn" h h " Su " 0 h Carpenter ­Te on n S C rt hr Paul Brady ­At r cre Fa r " M o ad t hs pe h . ete h d" u s the original artists' recordings, accurate transcriptions in notes and tab, bios and photos, detailed performance notes with tips from the artists, and more!

#Guitartab, #Noten 14111 15,95 Acoustic Guitar Magazine Acoustic Blues Guitar Essentials mit CD Mike Christiansen: Strumming a 12-bar blues, Learning a solo - Dylan Schorer: The blues shuffle, Boogie-woogie bass lines - Glenn Weiser: Blues chords up the neck, Bending strings - Kenny Sultan: Fingerstyle blues basics - Dale Miller: Your first guitar rag, Acoustic slide essentials, Slide guitars and setup #Guitartab, #Noten 8118 29,50 Acoustic Guitar Magazine Swing Guitar Essentials mit CD Viele Übungen und Beispiele vorgestellt von: Dix Bruce: Jazz chord basics, Movable chord forms, , Beginning chord melodies, - David Hamburger: Swing chord progressions, Swing soloing - Tony Marcus: Early jazz, Eddie Lang-style swing blues Michael Simmons: Introducing to Big-Band-swing, Gypsy jazz - John Lehmann-Haupt: Freddie Green-Rhythm-style - John Jorgenson: Gypsy guitar primer - Scott Nygaard: Django Reinhard solo - Hal Glatzer: Texas swing, Texas swing backup.

Songs: Dominant seven swing, Avalon, Been there dunn that blues, Minor swing und Leather britches.

#Guitartab, #Noten 8291 15,95 Acoustic Guitar Performing Acoustic Music Whether you're a solo performer or a member of a band, stepping on stage for the first time or already building a career, gigging for money or just for the thrill of it, Performing Acoustic Music is the one complete guide to the art of successfully bringing your music to live audiences.

In these pages, you'll find expert advice from top acoustic artists (including Suzanne Vega, Christ Proctor, Leo Kottke, Sharon Isbin, and more), as well as the sound engineers who set the stage and work the board.

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