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When you have the weather radio as well, you can be advised of quickly changing conditions.

If you’re traveling to Europe, you’ll need to buy a new set of PMR radios as they do not use the same GMRS frequencies we use here in the U. Family adventure, for us, is about getting outdoors, pushing our comfort zones, but most importantly having lots of fun!The Champ knife is my choice for family camping gear as it has a choice of blades (for cutting and whittling) and a decent saw blade capable of sawing through small branches in an emergency situation.Victorinox also make knives with lockable blades – ideal for responsible (and supervised) youngsters.A portable solar charger can do more than keep your Go Pro or i Phone charged – although I suspect this is their ‘mainstream’ use – it can also provide power to your GPS, walkie talkies and other important accessories.There is a range of options for solar-powered chargers on today’s market from lightweight, rugged, handheld solar chargers to more substantial expedition-ready kits.As with most family camping gear, what you choose depends on how you will use it, so whether you just want to keep your MP3 player charged, or survive in remote mountain regions … You also need to make sure you’ll be able to catch some sun wherever you’re going – otherwise the charger won’t do much good.

Plus, there are wood-burning chargers available, if that’s more your speed – you can charge your electronics while boiling water for dinner!

More than just a fun way to keep the kids in contact (and motivated to keep walking), this family camping equipment could be a life saver.

Often you can never get the phone signal when you want it – or worse still, when you need it – and having some decent walkie talkies (not the toy ones) gives you another chance of making contact with others.

‘Be prepared’ is the well-known motto of the Boy Scouts, created to instill the importance of mindfulness and bodily preparedness; ready to do the right thing at the right time.

As an ex-Scout, I carry this motto with me at all times, but I have to admit that I no longer carry a rolled up handkerchief with safety pin, pencil and the other essential camping accessories befitting of a resourceful Boy Scout contained within.

I do however, carry some modern-day equivalents to help me feel prepared for whatever the trail or ride might throw at me.

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