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If the roster of actors above sounds eclectic, then bear in mind that it could have been even more unusual if the casting had gone to plan.Carpenter had originally intended rock musician Courtney Love to star as Ballard, but she had to bow out when her foot was run over by the ex-wife of her then-boyfriend.

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In this case, a gypsum mine on the outskirts of Albuquerque, New Mexico were pressed into service as Mars.Filmmaker John Carpenter isn't just a respected genre director.He's the screenwriter, producer, director and musician behind some of the greatest science fiction, horror and action films ever made, including meanwhile, came out in 2001, a point in Carpenter's career where he admitted that he'd "burned out" creatively.A sci-fi horror mash-up about cops and criminals under siege from an army of Martian-possessed people, it sounded on paper like it should have everything going for it - which we'll cover very soon - but somehow, none of it gelled into a satisfying whole.The movie made only half of its million budget back at the box office, and it marked Carpenter's temporary retirement from feature filmmaking.But while is one of Carpenter's lesser films, critically and financially (its aggregate score on Rotten Tomatoes is 21%, if that's any indication), that doesn't mean there aren't plenty of remarkable things to write about this oft-maligned film.) as Lieutenant Melanie Ballard.

She leads an expedition to a remote mining outpost called Shining Canyon to take captured criminal Desolation Williams from a jail and back to justice.

Unfortunately, Ballard, flanked by Grier's Braddock and Statham's Jericho, discovers the once bustling outpost has become a silent ghost town.

And on closer inspection, they also find out that Desolation might not be the most deadly entity still waiting for them there...

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The book was adapted for film in 1953 and again in a version directed by Steven Spielberg in 2005.