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It wasn't a big thing but it had been long-awaited.

The twins are welcomed with open arms by The Valley girls but just how will the existing boys take to a bit of friendly competition?

Based in Newcastle upon Tyne, it premiered on , and is the British adaptation of American show Jersey Shore.

Geordie Shore is a British reality television series broadcast on MTV.

"Geordie" is the regional nickname and dialect given to the people of the Tyneside area of North East England, and is closely associated with the city of Newcastle upon Tyne and its environs where the show is set.

However the show involves members from various parts of North East England.

The preview and storyline has been available so far: The gang are set to hit European shores in the new series.

, Tuesday, 29 January 2013 Geordie Shore is all set to return to MTV for its fifth season, starting at 10pm on February 19. The new series will see the gang touring some of Europe’s best stag and hen destinations, with bride-to-be Vicky and fiancé Ricci rejoining Charlotte, Gary, Sophie, Holly, James, Dan and Scott to party their way around Amsterdam, Barcelona, Prague and Tignes. I'm never going to get over him." Gary is also a little unsure about how his reunion with Charlotte will pan out: "Obviously I see Charlotte outside the house. But it's anybody's guess what will happen when the Geordies meet up again in Newcastle before they begin their travels, with an apprehensive Charlotte saying: "Now I'm single and I'm going back in the house, I just know what's going to happen. It is weird because last time I saw her we had a little kiss. She's single again now but I hope that drama doesn't come back when I start pulling birds again." Watch Geordie Shore S05E01 - Full Episode above. What happens when eight smoking hot single guys and girls arrive in paradise for a dream holiday of sun, sea, sex and good times?Well if only life was that simple, because just as things get off to a sizzling start, MTV bring in their Exes to break up the party - one by one!As the eight original cast are left wondering "whose Ex is next?