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The obverse depicts the source of these desirable riches – the stark, forbidding and sun-scorched landscape of Australia’s outback.Set within this vignette is a transparent capsule containing six mini gold nuggets, representing the treasure buried beneath the rock and sand. Few things in life can match the absolute thrill of discovery – and for discoveries, there’s nothing like the finding a huge gold nugget!

Gold nuggets found naturally are never pure, or 24 karat, in composition but rather about 20 to 22 karat.We have produced this page as an index to our various Australian gold coin pages.Other Collectors Gold Coins The Smallest Gold Coins of the World Collection 1852 Adelaide Pound 1855 - 1870 "Australia" Gold Sovereigns - Sydney Mint 1980 Gold Koala 0 Coin 1981 Charles & Diana Royal Wedding 0 Coin 1982 Commonwealth Games 0 Coin 1985 Gold Koala 0 Coin 1987 Arthur Philip 0 Gold Coin 1992 'Royal Ladies' Proof Set 1995 to 2003 Floral Emblems of Australia 9 Coin Proof Set 1999 Gold Proof Centenary Sovereign 2000 Sydney XXVII 27th Olympic Games 2002 Golden Jubilee bi-metal coin 2003 Coronation Golden Jubilee 2004 0 Gold Proof Coin - Cassowary 2005 Sovereign 2005 0 'Dancing Man' Celebrating 60th Anniversary of` End of WW2 2005 ANZAC 90th Anniversary Proof , Joint Issue with New Zealand 2006 Sydney Opera House Proof 2008 Prestige Set 2008 Icons of the Commonwealth Gold Coin Collection 2009 Gold Proof Sovereign 2010 Gold Proof Sovereign 2012 Diamond Jubilee Gold Proof Quarter Ounce Coin 2012 Diamond Jubilee Gold Proof One Kilo Coin 2013 60th Anniversary of the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II Gold Proof Quarter Ounce Coin 2015 Queen Elizabeth II Longest Reigning Monarch Quarter Ounce Coin 2015 Queen Elizabeth II Longest Reigning Monarch Two Ounce Coin For British gold sovereigns as bullion coins, please look at our gold sovereigns pages on this site.For British gold sovereigns by date or type for collectors, please use our Gold Sovereigns website.For Australian coins in silver or base metal, or Australian coin sets other than gold, please look at the Australian Coins page on our original website."Tax Free Gold" website is owned and operated by Chard (1964) Limited 32 - 36 Harrowside, Blackpool, Lancashire, FY4 1RJ, England.

2010 Treasures of Australia #4 – Mini Gold Nuggets 0 Pure Gold Proof Treasures of Australia Gold 1oz Gold Proof Locket Coin Mini Gold Nuggets 0 with case, outer box and COA. Here is the fourth entry perhaps the most anticipated collector coin series ever released, the Treasures of Australia program! The Treasures of the Outback – six mini gold nuggets – contained in one superb and unique coin!The Perth Mint of Australia has united pure refined gold with the allure of gold nuggets in this unique proof coin.Obscure Finds Coin collection (OFCC) official Google+ Page, +Obscure Finds Pigeon Forge, has updates about the progress of our work, recent coins entered into the Numismatic Coin Collection Database (NCCD), as well as featured post from our blog located on Blogger /numimaticdb.David Rittenhouse First Director of the US Mint IMG REF[2] David Rittenhouse was treasurer of Pennsylvania from 1777 to 1789, and with these skills and the help of George Washington, he became the first director of the United States Mint.On April 2, 1792 Utilizing Pinterest/Foursquare New Map Feature Interactive Numismatic Map Obscure Finds Coins on Pinterest Pinterest About our maps and data Our maps are designed by Stamen Design, served by Map Box and created using data from ©Open Street Map contributors.... Canadian Arctic Expedition Royal Canadian Mint President Ian Bennett, at left, and Dr.

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