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You can tell by watching his MTV Cribs special that he has a funny bone. Method Man was more or less the straight man but the rest of the ensemble cast provided enough laughs to split your sides. Parents: The subject matter of this film is questionable. Unless you smoked a lot of "grass" back in the 70's.

If that's a turn on for you then by all means see the film.

Now, they are on their own and they have to rely on each other to survive.

In creating the sound for the mystical pot plant (Ivory), sound designer Andrew Somers (uncredited) used a Theremin and a set of Obsidian Chimes.

For the sound of the giant bong, (and the sound of Ivory appearing) they recorded inhaling through an actual bong.

See more » Fire Written by Willie Beck (as William Beck), Leroy 'Sugarfoot' Bonner (as Leroy Bonner), Marvin Pierce, Clarence Satchell, James 'Diamond' Williams (as James Williams), , Marshall E. Warning: This is what my mother would call "ignorant humor".

Jones (as Marshall Jones), Ralph Middlebrooks Performed by Ohio Players Courtesy of The Island Def Jam Music Group Under license from Universal Music Enterprises See more » It's been done before in "Friday", and "Up in Smoke." There's no great plot line. There's no character development, cool graphics, intense cinematography or internal conflict. This movie defies all the rules of story writing and film making. The things that in the opinion of the majority degrade and offend, but for some reason are funny.

The absolute preposterousness of the storyline alone is intellectually offensive. Rappers Method Man (Wu Tang Clan) and Redman play two "potheads" (for lack of a better term) who through the use of a magical herb attain brilliance and gain acceptance to Harvard University.There is a scene that spoofs the old Reese's Peanut Butter Cup commercial where Method's character Silas sits in his car with a bag of contraband and no blunt.In the next car Redman's character Jamal sits in his car with blunt and no contraband. The two Ivy Leaguers wreak havoc along the Eastern Seaboard Cheech and Chong style.Join us for a Facebook Live chat with American Honey star Sasha Lane on Monday, Sept. See full summary » A bounty hunter chases and catches suspects all over Miami . The cousins work nights at a local mall as security guards. See full summary » "Don't Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking your Juice in the Hood" is a parody of several U. films about being in the 'Hood', for instance "Boyz n the Hood", "South Central", "... Craig and Day Day have finally moved out of their parents houses and into their own crib.

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