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A guide to Practical Law Finance's security and quasi security resources.This note acts as a guide to Practical Law Finance's resources on the different types of security (mortgages, charges, pledges and liens) and quasi security (such as retention of title, factoring and finance leasing).

As well as links to Practical Law Finance's security and quasi security standard documents, drafting notes, practice notes and checklists, this note links to resources relevant to security from other Practical Law services such as Practical Law Cross-border and Practical Law Environment.

This note provides an overview of how a lender (or other chargeholder) may enforce security over the assets of a corporate security provider.

It looks at issues to be considered before enforcing security, enforcement rights available to a lender, when those rights can be exercised and examines the main methods of enforcing security.

For a global guide to finance that includes information on enforcing security in various jurisdictions see Finance global guide.

A toolkit bringing together the resources that a practitioner may wish to use or refer to when asked to give independent legal advice to a client before the client enters into a mortgage securing another party’s debts where their relationship with the client is non-commercial (for example, a husband and wife).

An overview of the structure and operation of limited liability partnerships (LLPs) incorporated under the Limited Liability Partnerships Act 2000. For details of the law applicable to limited liability partnerships before 1 October 2009, see Practice note, Limited liability partnerships: overview: pre-1 October 2009.

An overview of the different forms of liquidation that can be used to wind up a company registered in England and Wales and the role of a liquidator.

This note also links to more detailed practice notes covering compulsory liquidation, voluntary liquidation and the powers of a liquidator.

A quick guide to the different methods of perfecting security.

This guide is aimed at those who have little or no experience of security issues in corporate loan transactions, and links to other detailed Practical Law Finance materials on perfecting security.

This is one of a series of quick guides, see Quick guides.

This note looks at the different methods of perfecting security, the basic rules governing priority of security and some contractual ways in which those rules can be varied.

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