Fibu online dating

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Fibu online dating

The language is still not entirely understood, but it is easy to decipher because it takes its letters from the Greek alphabet.The object is represented as having its own voice, in keeping with an archaic tradition.

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The style of the lettering, typical of the Chiusi region, seems to suggest that the fibula was commissioned by an aristocrat who lived in this major city in inner Etruria.This gold fibula, found in Chiusi, is remarkable proof of the technical skill of Etruscan goldsmiths during the period of Oriental influence.It is richly decorated with geometrical motifs using the granulation technique then very fashionable in southern Etruria, particularly in Caere, where the clasp was probably made.The sheath bears one of the earliest Etrurian examples of an inscription, recording the gift from one aristocrat, Mamurke Turkisina, to another, Arath Velavesna.This gold fibula was found in a grave in Castelluccio di Pienza, near Chiusi in Tuscany, shortly before the mid-19th century.The Louvre acquired it in 1863 after Napoleon III purchased the Marquis Campana's collection.

It has a serpentine bow and a long sheath and was used to attach the flaps of a man's tunic.It was made in the 2nd half of the 7th century BC, probably in Caere, known in ancient times as Cerveteri.At that time, goldsmith work was undergoing a remarkable renaissance, which can be attributed to the wealth of the Etruscans, based on their development of mining.Another factor was the taste of Etruscan nobles for ostentatious luxury.Many such pieces of jewelry have been found in graves dating from the period of Oriental influence.The Chiusi fibula, however, seems to be the only one of its kind.