Feriha ep 50 online dating

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Feriha ep 50 online dating

It was one of the most popular TV shows of the 90s.

Karuna Pandey’s unique Women's Day gift for her female co-stars This Women’s Day the actress decided to gift all her female co-stars a unique, handwritten poem that describes her sentiments on being a woman.

Sonali Nikam & Priyanka Khera cricket skills The cast and crew of Zindagi’s original fiction show Aadhe Adhoore, were seen having a blast while playing a friendly cricket match between the actors and the crew members on the s...

There is no one prettier than Aishwarya Rai Bachchan: Pakistani actor Azfar Rehman Azfar whose biggest dream is to act with Aishwarya in a movie considers her the most beautiful woman in the world and has watched her films multiple times.

February romance more than just Valentine's Day for Bhaage Re Mann lead, Karuna Pandey With Valentine’s Day soon approaching, people smitten by love have already started making plans to woo their beloved with expensive gifts, special dates, vacations etc.

Actors from Bhaage Re Mann celebrate Sankranti on the sets The cast of Zindagi’s original fiction show – Bhaage Re Mann which airs every Monday to Saturday at PM came together on the sets to usher the festivities of Makar Sankranti.

She starts shouting at her that only 4 months have passed since Haldun's death and she has a lover??

Cansu reminds Sanem that everything she has was bought with Haldun's money, and Cansu begins to tear up Sanem's clothes and then she throws out from the warderobes all her step-mother's things, all her jewells and cosmetics.She also warns her that she will do anything to eliminate her from the business partnership with Unal. Cansu, later asks Feriha to come and clean the house (thinking that she can come to terms with her old friend) but this time Feriha doesn't accept it.As she has already established with Emir, she tells Cansu (and everyboody else) that she is separated from Emir.Nupur Alankar turns yoga teacher Guess what’s keeping Nupur Alankar busy when she is not shooting? The 'Bhaage Re Mann' actress is often seen doling out tips to her friends and co-actors on staying fit with ...Feriha enters her parents' home and Riza forgives her.Mehmet does not agree with it but keeps silent in front of his father.