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Estudiantina peru online dating

But in addition to a nicely varied musical program featuring artists from Cuba, France, Denmark, Belgium, Holland, Malaysia, Brazil and the Czech Republic, there were also a number of exciting Chinese groups, both from Hong Kong and mainland China.The first day featured five free concerts in the fantastic setting of the amphitheater in the Piazza of the Hong Kong Cultural Centre, facing the emblematic skyline of Hong Kong Island.

Launches, police boats, giant crane barges, oceangoing ships, tourist cruisers, small, ugly mutts and the city's last remaining junk made their respective ways hither and thither.

That was it for the next decade, until the Hong Kong Jazz Association ran a three-day festival in 2005.

About 10,000 people turned out to watch mostly Asian groups—a notable success—though it would be another three years before Hong Kong would host a jazz festival again.

In 2008, with the all-important support of private investors, the enthusiasts of the Hong Kong Jazz Association launched the Hong Kong International Jazz Festival, and in some style.

The event ran for seven days across Hong Kong, in major concert halls as well as clubs.

This format has proven to be successful, and continues to this day.

The HKIJF is in better health than ever for its fourth edition in 2011; in addition to private sponsorship, it received the support of the West Kowloon Cultural District Authority, perhaps in recognition of the importance of cultural events in promoting tourism, as Hong Kong aims to situate itself as the events capital of Asia.For this edition, the 2011 HKIJF has grown to eight days, and featured over 40 performances from 300 musicians.With a lineup including guitarists Trio, plus the latest piano trio sensation, Rosconi, HKIJF can certainly claim to be a modern-thinking festival.This Sunday is Chile's Día del Patrimonio, in which Chileans all over the country celebrate and enjoy the country's cultural heritage.That means that this weekend will be packed with cultural activities -- make sure to check out one of the events we've selected for Sunday, or check out the hundreds of other events organized for the holiday at If you prefer your cultural appreciation with a and dance floor, though, we've also got plenty of parties and shows lined up for you. date=2016-05-29 And remember to check out our agenda for a list of events happening every day in Santiago: we miss anything?