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El juego arcibel online dating - dating marriage and sex

Arcibel spends his time learning and, luckily for him, playing chess with Palacios, his cell neighbor.

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Arcibel then has to undergo terrible punishments for keeping quiet about his cellmate's jailbreak.However, he holds out until time gives him another surprise.His game, Arcibel's game, is not a game anymore, it has become real, and the two leading players turn out to be no others than Pablo and his own daughter Rosalinda.En la República de Miranda, un país imaginario de América Latina, que vive bajo la dictadura del General Abalorio, Arcibel Alegría, un periodista que escribe sobre ajedrez, es encarcelado como preso político por culpa de una confusión en la diagramación del diario en el que trabaja.Quien hasta ese momento se consideraba un señor apolítico, bastante solitario, comenzará a conocer en la cárcel, una realidad que le era ajena.Join us for a Facebook Live chat with American Honey star Sasha Lane on Monday, Sept. The dialogs chosen are very complex, nice words, good use of Spanish language (something I appreciate very much cause that's my native language).

The photography is clearly very professional, good scenery, some time swaps/dreams with non-expensive effects create a very nice atmosphere.

Another plus point I considered, was the ability to create a new country, the actors chosen for that (some of them are Premium really), among all the countries, gave the movie an incredible virtual sub-language of Spanish, merging the talking styles of Chile, Argentina, Spain, etc...

The story is quite smart, because resembles the stupidity of military power in the civil-war caused by the growing economical crisis, created by the interests of a bad management of the executive power.

Follow IMDb on Facebook El Juego de Arcibel clearly resembles the situation in many Latin American countries with a delicate metaphor.

Some people would say this movie is rather slow or boring, but's not a mainstream movie, even though it's OK and worth watching in my opinion if you want to have some fun, the movie itself is not boring and not very complex on the first read, the story is quite interesting and catching.

1967: in Miranda, an imaginary Latin American country, ruled by the dictator General Abalorio, Arcibel Alegría (Darío Grandinetti), a journalist who writes articles about chess is taken to jail as political prisoner due to a mixed-up schedule of the newspaper he works for.

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