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I have no idea why, because she pretty much knew she was taking home a Daesang and would be the star of the night. And Ji Sung and Hwang Jung-eum each took home Top Excellence awards for ) Kim Hye-soo definitely departed from her usual va-va-va-voom style on the red carpet, and opted to go as a vampire magician in a badly tailored suit instead.

But maybe she was tired of looking glamorous and perfect.

Whoever decided that capes would be the It thing for the 2013 award season needs to be fired. You were a terrible spy, Joo-won, but you sure make one hell of a James-Bondian entrance on the red carpet.

At KBS he took home multiple awards for his performance as the autistic savant geeeenius doc-in-training in , which was definitely well-deserved.

May there be many more awards and tuxedos in your future.

Moon Chae-won looks fabulous even though she’s pretty much wearing a wedding dress.

, I’m still surprised by how much I really really liked the long preview.

The drama doesn’t just look promising, I’m already connected with the trials and tribulations of the two leads played by Jung Eun Ji and Lee Won Geun.

She’s the slacker who rather dance than study, he’s the top student who tries his best to be arrogant but actually has a heart.

Even Ji Soo‘s second male lead pops in the preview, buckling under the pressure of academics to the degree of attempting suicide.

This drama looks equal parts serious in tackling real life school-aged concerns, but doing so with flair and fun when appropriate.

I loved all three drama posters – the friendships ones capture a youthful effervescence while the OTP poster hints at a sweet first love.

There doesn’t appear to be darker forces at play with the adults and the school system, so here’s hoping the kids may fight but end up better off in the end through the journey to unfold.

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