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Tom Rennie has been hired as a temporary 'transition' director to oversee the transfer of services back from Kier Group - formerly Mouchel - to the council, but his pay has been branded 'obscene'.The agency worker is set to cost Bournemouth council £153,000 across nine months after the borough agreed to a £900-a-day contract.

It represents a pro-rata package of £204,000 per annum, which eclipses chief executive Tony Williams’ pay of £125,000-a-year and is more than eight times the salary of an entry-level teacher.The council has a policy of allowing the full council a vote on salaries above £100,000 – but says it did not apply in this case because it is hiring Mr Rennie's services from an agency.Mr Rennie, who started on Monday, has moved between at least seven different public sector jobs in the last 10 years – and in 2011 it was reported that he cost Wolverhampton City Council £340,413 during a two-year stint as an £800-a-day IT contractor.The Reading University graduate, who describes himself as a “strong leader” on his Linked In profile, is being charged with overseeing the transfer of services outsourced to Kier Group back into council control.Details of his appointment have been revealed just days after the authority announced a 3.9 per cent council tax hike - the maximum increase allowed.Chief executive Mr Williams said Mr Rennie had been hired on a contract running until October 7 following a “competitive interview process”.

“Bournemouth council chose this interim option because it gave the council the greatest opportunity to ensure the return of services, currently provided by Kier, as quickly as possible,” he said.“The alternatives considered were to hire to a permanent position or engage an external consultancy.“In light of the departure of the executive director for finance, the temporary recruitment of an interim director with the required skills and experience was deemed the best short-term solution.“In this way the council is not liable for holiday, sick pay or pension contributions which it would be if a permanent post was created." A council spokesman added that Mr Rennie, whose job title is service director – transition, will manage some other “strategic functions” while the authority finds a replacement for outgoing executive director of finance Ian Milner, who was paid £103,850 per annum.The spokesman confirmed Mr Rennie has been hired via executive recruitment firm Penna and that the £900-a-day rate is inclusive of the agency fees and expenses.“This level of pay is commensurate with the short-term executive nature of the role,” the spokesman said.

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